• “Security is one of the main pillars of a business, without which the evolution of technology is not possible in terms of data protection and security. Therefore is an important part of our strategy focused on cloud along with other strategic pillars: Mobility | IoT | BI and Software Integration. We focus on technological evolution, support the innovation in terms of creativity, agility and flexibility. That’s how we can bring value to our clients’ business. By the end of the year, our company aims to grow the business in security solutions by 30%.”, said Marius Tulea, General Manager, CRESCENDO.

  • “The security of an organization means more than computer security (simple setups of technical systems, antivirus and firewalls); means assessing the situation and taking the right decisions based on … “, said Constantin Caliman, Chief Security Officer, CRESCENDO.

  • Information security, and the cyber component, are not just a technical challenge, but rather a business one that has financial, legal and reputational implications. Shareholders and managers of Romania companies must be aware of the risks of cyber attacks that can harm their businesses, and also the importance of a company security strategy. Is security a priority for your business?

Our solutions and services

  • As a CRESCENDO customer, you benefit from our services, regardless of the IT&C solution or solutions you choose. Depending on the specific needs you have, we offer basic services, specific to the selected solutions, as well as integration services (outsourcing) and contact center. The valuable expertise we have gained by combining the specific services with each of our skills and we validated in integrated projects, allows us to deliver to our customers a range of complex services.

  • To effectively manage business critical information, you need a centralized and secure facility, through which you can cooperate in managing information flows, storing and sharing important documents and files. CRESCENDO solutions cover:

  • Through an IT&C infrastructure that adapts to the pace at which business and technology change, you can anticipate and quickly respond to the market changes, while reducing costs and complexity of IT&C systems. CRESCENDO experts provide support in choosing, designing and configuring software and hardware solution with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). Our skills, consistent with the unitary approach of IT solution, position us as a potential single point of contact for any challenge related to IT&C system of your business. CRESCENDO infrastructure solutions cover:

  • In times of crisis or economic expansion, business strategies for sustainable growth have to be based on implementing practical business solutions for company specific business area. Managers who take advantage of the benefits of these systems, realizing that ERP systems are not simple accounting and management applications, that CRM systems are not simply lists of customers, and BI applications do not give just operational reports, those managers will get into future statistics as people who would have accomplished successful businesses. Our portfolio of skills covers:




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About Us

We provide customized IT&C applications, solutions and services with which you, our customers, can get maximum benefits out of business information.

Our customers save effort and resources finding under the same roof a single point of contact for implementing new IT & C solutions and integrate them with existing ones. The partnerships that we developed with global leaders in the IT&C industry and the skills and experience we gained over time, offers to our customers the freedom to choose the solution that suits best for their business objectives.