Active Directory As-a-Sevice: standardized products and services
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Active Directory As-a-Sevice


Secure access to resources and applications based on a unique identity

Resources management

What is it?

Active Directory is a directory domain that is used for user authentication in applications and centralized administration of all objects included in this directory.

Protect your data. Grow your business.

Invest in your future.

The Package cover:

The infrastructure required

Migration services

Support services


Active Directory As-a-Service Benefits

Users unique identity

Reduces operational costs

Access management

Flexibility and scalability (increasing or decreasing number of users)

Customer target

Start-up companies that does not have funds to invest in infrastructure

Companies that carry out project-based activities

Companies that do not want to invest in the migration of technological resources

More than 150 users

Key Elements

No up-front pay

No support staff

No investment in hardware

Flexibility – pay as you go

Access to the latest product version


Top product, dedicated to innovative companies

Our offer

From 1.30 EUR / user / month

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