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IT Management

With HP IT Performance Suite solutions, we offer IT managers a new approach   focused on strategy, processes and operations -supported by a complete portfolio of software products and services.

The HP IT Performance Suite approach addresses four key initiatives of CIOs, crucial to business success:

  • Aligning information technology to business requirements
  • IT Service Management
  • Application Quality Management
  • Data Center Transformation / Optimization


Thus, HP IT Performance Suite portfolio helps ensure that each IT investment, all resources and every application –  in development or in production – is in line with  the business strategy.



Allocation of IT resources according to business priorities.


Key processes, applications, and operations automation throughout the IT organization.


Planning IT services in terms of resources, value and time commitments.

Risk reduction

Related to upgrades or other planned or unplanned changes.

Cost reduction

Reduce IT infrastructure costs

knowledge transfer

Knowledge transfer to your own IT team


Visibility of the actual value of IT services delivered to the organization.


Measuring efficiency from a business perspective.

This strategic framework is completed by the expertise of CRESCENDO’s team, certified as a HP Software Gold Partner and as a HP Software Services Integrator. Our offers include HP IT Performance Suite solutions consultancy, training and support services, all based on standard methodologies recognized worldwide witch help you optimize the value of investments in HP IT Performance Suite software.


From a functional perspective, HP IT Performance Suite solutions portfolio addresses all key areas of an organization, in terms of IT development, alignment and security


Solutions for project and portfolio management, SOA Center.


Quality, performance and software security testing solutions.


Solutions for  management and automation of  IT operations.


Solutions for project and portfolio management, SOA Center.

Project and Portfolio Management Center – CIO Office

Identifying and prioritizing IT & C projects that bring real business value is essential. HP Project and Portfolio Management gives IT managers real-time visibility into the company’s strategic and operational needs, including ongoing projects, ongoing maintenance programs and activities. Thus, the IT department can quickly identify and prioritize the right projects and initiatives to support alignment with the company’s goals. In addition, the probability of investing funds in initiatives that do not meet the company’s requirements is reduced, and the number of failed projects will drop substantially.

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture )

Unlike the approaches that only provide temporary reporting systems and project planning tools, Crescendo offers a well-integrated software portfolio that will help plan the complete life cycle of delivering SOA-based applications – from planning to quality management various operations. These capabilities put HP’s software application in a position to provide the IT manager with the visibility and control needed to align IT services with business objectives.


Quality, performance and software security testing solutions

Quality Center

The HP Quality Center software application is used by test teams (QA), developers and business analysts to conduct automated software testing and quality assurance across a wide range of IT environments and applications. The HP Quality Center combines an integrated suite of specific modules, a general business picture and an open, scalable and extensible foundation.

Performance Center

The HP Performance Center software solution is the only solution that ranges from testing project performance to 24×7 global solutions for Excellence Performance Centers. HP Performance Validation will help centralize resources and infrastructure associated with performance testing. It also helps to standardize the test environment.

Application Security Center

Helps developers, test teams (QA), and security professionals quickly detect and reduce costs and at the same time defuse security vulnerabilities and malfunctions over the entire lifecycle of the application. These web-based security testing software offers common definitions of security policies, automated testing, centralized permissions control, and web access to security information.


Management solutions and automation of IT operations

Business Service Management

HP Business Service Management (BSM) is a complete business services management solution that integrates network, server, application, and business transaction monitoring.Thus, it connects business services with existing infrastructure and applications to prioritize services that are critical to the business. This leads to greater efficiency of IT operations and delivery of quality services. HP BSM integrates easily with other HP IT management solutions including Operations Center, Network Management Center and Application Performance Management.


In this way, your organization will be able to:

  • Reduces the time consumed by IT experts on operational activities through automation technology
  • Increases service quality by speeding up diagnostic and resolution time
  • Reduces the costs of business services management
  • Detect and resolve issues proactively at business transaction level (online purchases, stock exchange transactions, and travel reservations) to help prevent your customers from being affected by BTM (Business Transaction Management)
  • Understands better the relationship between business services and the underlying infrastructure
  • Take advantage of virtualization and cloud computing
  • Increases efficiency using event management and performance that includes virtual media management and server management automation
Business Service Automation

HP Business Service Automation is an integrated suite that automates end-to-end business management to reduce costs, time and risks. With Client Automation and Data Center Automation, you can get:


  • Reducing to minimum thresholds of downtime, configuration errors, or manual processes. You will get consistent, predictable results and automation of minor incidents. In addition, the organization has at hand the best practices in the field of IT environment change, management and standardization;
  • Increasing efficiency: By automating daily operations, the organization can migrate to the strategic area;
  • Reducing IT management costs and improving efficiency;
  • Reducing the risks associated with security through identity management policy;
  • Increasing agility through faster changes without disturbing users.
HP IT Service Management Solutions (ITSM)

HP Software Solutions for IT Services Management (ITSM) addresses key challenges related to staff efficiency, risk mitigation and cost optimization, leading to aligning IT services to business objectives of the organization. This is done by applying three key principles:

  • Increasing the level of IT services delivered to the business environment – HP ITSM solutions enable proactive monitoring of the level of service delivered to the business environment, strengthens communication, and provides key performance indicators for ITIL v3 services.
  • Automate processes, tasks and IT services – IT automation is the main link to reduce costs and increase efficiency. HP ITSM solutions support the work of IT executives to standardize and automate best practices in the field to increase staff efficiency, reduce costs, integrate end-to-end service delivery, deploy self-service and knowledge management catalogs, and complete understanding of the total cost of purchasing the services delivered by the other teams.
  • Reduce risk by centralizing and mitigating processes – HP ITSM solutions mitigate risks by helping IT teams automate change control to reduce service disruptions, comply with regulations, and speed up certification and certification processes. HP ITSM solutions also isolate potential business problems and treat them according to financial priorities.


HP Accredited Systems Engineer

We have the necessary education, experience, and credentials to create, support and integrate a complex enterprise-wide solution - including platform, operating system, storage, networking and choice components to address your business needs.

HP Accredited Integration Specialist

We have the necessary experience to integrate platforms, operating systems, storage and application components. Our team is at your disposal to design, support and integrate your business-specific solutions.

HP Accredited Sales Consultant

Our sales specialists have extensive knowledge of HP product lines so they will position and recommend HP business products and services that will deliver the right solution to your business needs and requirements.

HP Accredited Presales Consultant

We have expertise in high-end enterprise environments to create and plan enterprise-based solutions based on HP technologies.

HP Master Accredited Systems Engineer

Our professionals have the expertise to create, integrate and support complete solutions based on the business needs of our customers, including applications, middleware, platform, operating system, storage, networking and option components.

HP Accredited Platform Specialist

We provide hardware and support for the purpose of bringing hardware to the factory level.

HP Certified Systems Administrator

We have the expertise to make hands-on installations, configurations, administration and support of HP solutions and / or systems in network environments. We have the capabilities to deploy and manage HP operating systems and enterprise complex solutions.

HP Certified Systems Engineer

We offer hands-on installation, performance optimization, management and support for HP solutions and operating systems in enterprise complex environments.