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Our major goal is to provide organizations with a unique contact point for implementing new IT & C solutions and for integrating them with the existing ones. Through customized solutions and services we develop and integrate, we manage to improve the quality of our clients’ lives by reducing their stress and effort regarding the IT & C technology use and optimization.


We constantly reinvent ourselves to keep up with our customers’ expectations and with the evolution of the IT & C industry, innovating in every field in which we operate under sustainable development. We think the change starts from the inside. Adapting us, we manage to facilitate the change and technological evolution of our customers.


We are part of the success of our business partners through the long-term commitments we take with them. If you like the technical challenges, if you find joy in solving complex problems, if you are passionate about security and want a career in one of the most dynamic industries, here you will find a rewarding career.


We create and provide our team members with the appropriate environment to develop and enhance their abilities and creativity. From the first day you join the CRESCENDO team, you will have two mentors in the company to help you integrate and then grow permanently.


We are extremely passionate about our work. We have a great, committed and specialized team. We support the development of the individual potential for each member of the team in order to increase the results of the team. We help, we support, we feel good together, and this is visible in our results.


Professionalism is our business card that we constantly reconfirm in our relationship with our customers by transforming value into profit. The skills of our colleagues allow us to deliver and customize every solution for our customers at every stage of their technological journey.


Crescendo, traditionally, recruits attitudes, develops skills and builds experience. Starting this year, we plan to address this process of identifying and attracting new talent within a coherent internship program. The program is based on a curriculum that allows the accumulation of software programming knowledge in Microsoft technology.


We aim to attract and contribute to the development of abilities and finally to select talented and determined young people who want to lay the foundations of a successful career – in one of the strategic areas of the organization, software development / integration.


The following programs will also be announced here on our career page.

“This internship was a great opportunity to test and improve my programmer skills. Crescendo has offered me the opportunity to interact with many passionate and well-trained people from which I had much to learn during this period. It was a great opportunity to work within a company, and to gain experience for the future.”

Andrei C.

“This experience definitely showed me what it means to work in the IT field. I leave from this internship with a lot of useful knowledge useful in my future development. CRESCENDO’s professionals were available to us anytime, we were helped all the way through the internship, learning new things that were not presented at university at all. I liked the way I was treated, as if I were one of the company’s team member, and in the future I would like to work in such an environment.”

Cristian B.

“The Crescendo Internship started for me as an opportunity, both to learn and to test my knowledge. I met here passionate and eager people to teach us. These people have provided us with both the necessary resources and the training to achieve, in a real environment, a project with practical utility. The experience of this project was something entirely new, being at the same time an excellent way to solidify our knowledge. I’m thankful for your time and shared knowledge.”

Dragos C.

“This internship has been an enjoyable experience, which has helped a lot in my training as a future engineer. We have tested the knowledge we have accumulated so far, but we have learned many useful things, both professionally and personally. We met wonderful people who did not treat us with superiority and who helped us through every step of the way, eager to share their knowledge. Indeed, I grew up with Crescendo!”

Simona T.

This internship meant for me the opportunity to see what a real work environment means, to experience how to work on a real-world software application. Using a set specifications, we started to build a new software application form zero. We also learned how to work in the team, each member contributing with different application features once they were developed. All of this was also possible with the assistance of people in the company’s Software Solutions Department. The work environment was extremely friendly and stress-free and whenever I needed help, I could ask, people here being very friendly and open to help us. In conclusion, the internship at CRESCENDO was a step forward for my professional training. Starting from some basic notions learned from high school and university, I came to understand what really means the development and implementation of a software application with useful business functionalities.”

Alexandru-Daniel U.

“From the internship at Crescendo I learned a lot of new things, even if I had a software design basis. It is said that “the repetition (practice) is the mother of all learning” and as a result, it is true that you become more experienced if you actually work on a project. The working environment was very nice.”

Stefania-Corina P.

“The Crescendo Internship has been a pleasant experience that I will always remember with love. Here we met many wonderful people, eager to help us in any problem we encountered and we had the opportunity to work with technologies that are currently working on the market. The work environment was a very relaxing one, which made me feel like a guest in the company. I have learned many new things that will definitely help me in the future, and I have also strengthened my current knowledge.”

Monica V.

“During the internship at Crescendo I had the opportunity to work with professionals from whom I learned a lot of things that have developed my engineer skills and will help me for a future job in the field. I really enjoyed the people I met here, they all received us with their open hands. I enjoyed being part of this internship!”

Roxana T.