Information Management - Collaboration and Communications solutions
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Information Management

Information is one of the main assets of any company, its loss or destruction being among the main threats to business continuity. Therefore, the role of information technology in protecting and organizing data becomes vital. In addition, from year to year, the amount of information has doubled / tripled, which increases the business pressure on IT.


Information management solutions optimize business information by effectively managing it and complying with legal rules and regulations. Through HP Information Management (IM) solutions we offer you all the tools you need to create, store, classify, access, find, analyze, recover, restore and deliver critical information to your business faster and with relatively limited resources. Therefore, the issue of the exponential increase of information volume will be solved, and business continuity will be ensured.

CRESCENDO team as HP Software Platinum Partner and HP Software Services Integrator, has the necessary skills to provide you with consulting, implementation, specialized training and support services.

Our HP IM (information management) portfolio includes:

HP Software Business Continuity & Availability

Ii is a suite of solutions that enables IT department to protect, recover and deliver business critical information in a more effective way and with fewer resources. With HP Data Protector solution you get:

  • Business continuity 24 / 7 through optimized data access and company data protection;
  • Back-up automatically and centrally controlled;
  • Means through which data can be saved on any system, regardless of the platform or the applications used;
  • A wide range of ways to customize the data to be saved / restored;
  • TCO (total cost of ownership) reduce by automating routine operations.
HP Governance &

It is a solutions suite that enables companies to decrease costs and risks associated with requirements and standards for e-discovery so that you can classify, archive, retrieve and analyze information more quickly and proactively manage all business content. With HP Governance and E-Discovery portfolio, we meet all challenges related to:

  • Documents and records management – HP TRIM;
  • Standardized data archiving – HP Integrated Archive Platform (IAP);
  • E-mail archiving;
  • Database archiving;
  • Medical Archive Solution type.
HP Document Workflow Transformation

It is a solutions suite to improve and optimize the documents flow within the organization. The three solutions in the portfolio (Enterprise Document Automation, Document Digitization, and Integrated Document Management) can be implemented separately or as an integrated solution, depending on your business needs.

CRESCENDO team HP credentials

HP Accredited Systems Engineer

We have the necessary education, experience, and credentials to create, support and integrate a complex enterprise-wide solution - including platform, operating system, storage, networking and choice components to address your business needs.

HP Accredited Integration Specialist

We have the necessary experience to integrate platforms, operating systems, storage and application components. Our team is at your disposal to design, support and integrate your business-specific solutions.

HP Accredited Sales Consultant

Our sales specialists have extensive knowledge of HP product lines so they will position and recommend HP business products and services that will deliver the right solution to your business needs and requirements.

HP Accredited Presales Consultant

We have expertise in high-end enterprise environments to create and plan enterprise-based solutions based on HP technologies.

HP Master Accredited Systems Engineer

Our professionals have the expertise to create, integrate and support complete solutions based on the business needs of our customers, including applications, middleware, platform, operating system, storage, networking and option components.

HP Accredited Platform Specialist

We provide hardware and support for the purpose of bringing hardware to the factory level.

HP Certified Systems Administrator

We have the expertise to make hands-on installations, configurations, administration and support of HP solutions and / or systems in network environments. We have the capabilities to deploy and manage HP operating systems and enterprise complex solutions.

HP Certified Systems Engineer

We offer hands-on installation, performance optimization, management and support for HP solutions and operating systems in enterprise complex environments.