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CRESCENDO helps you translate business needs into core technology strategies and architecture plans that support sustained growth. To stay agile in this digital era, where technological progress take place at an astonishing speed, you have to correctly control costs, anticipate changes and mitigate risks as much as possible.


If in the past years, the company’s economical history was the only base for future forecasts, at this time, you can no longer depend on the historical data to shape the future strategy and make predictions.


Using our consulting services and technology expertise, you can transform your organization, streamline processes, and discover both loss-making and fast-profit areas.

Business Change Enabler – we are the facilitator of your company’s digital transformation.
Pragmatic organization

We propose a pragmatic and disciplined organization, based on assessments, internal resources and methodologies, in order to apply best practices and achieve the desired results.

Complete life cycle

We are next to your company's digital transformation over the entire life cycle, starting from evaluations, planning, design to implementation and integration.

Top technologies

Through our partnerships with industry leaders, and the skills and experience gained over time, we offer our customers the ability to access the latest technology on the market.

Business Change Enabler

We have delivered over 1,000 successful business transformation projects from the perspective of technology, processes and tools.

Business Consultancy

Our consultants will provide you with the best practices in the field. We help you navigate your digital  transformation journey to reach your goals using the latest technology possible. Our consulting services target the entire life cycle of the organization, covering people, processes and technology offerings to ensure strategic clarity and optimization of all flows.

Consulting services

Our consultants will help you select the right technologies for your business, build the right architectures and processes that are necessary for the company's sustainable development in the digital era that we are all crossing.

Architecture consultancy

We work with you to find an architecture solution that integrates new technologies into your existing environment. We identify the necessary changes in your IT infrastructure to ensure that the new service delivers the desired business results.

Projects consultancy

We enable the rapid transformation of your business through a robust, proven project management methodology. We work in alignment with the design and implementation team to successfully achieve the optimal solution as time and budget.

Business Change Enabler

Our consultants will help you identify the most suitable technology and delivery model for your environment, improving the time needed for implementation and mitigating the risks of transformation and deployment.