About us - CRESCENDO IT & C solutions and services integrator
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About us

CRESCENDO uses the power of technology to accelerate customers’ ambitions. We deliver applications, infrastructure solutions and personalized integration services, based on which our partners – companies and their key resource, the people – get maximum returns from the business information. Company’s services portfolio includes: Business Applications, Software Integration, IT&C infrastructure solutions, Internet of Things and other disruptive solutions delivered in cloud, on-premise or hybrid, with a continuous focus on Security.


Our role is to generate the best return on investment in the Romanian IT & C industry. The customized solutions and services that we develop and integrate maximize business efficiency and reduce mistrust and effort with IT & C technology, thus creating the premises for our business partners to focus their resources on industry-specific challenges in which they work and enjoy life, family, time spent outside the service.

The VALUES WE believe in

  • Adaptability: We constantly reinvent ourselves to keep up with our customers’ expectations and with the evolution of the IT & C industry, innovating in every field in which we operate, under sustainable development.
  • Partnership. We commit as a long-distance partner in the relationship with every member of our team, with our customers, partners and shareholders.
  • Opportunities for personal development. We create and provide our team members with opportunities to develop and highlight their skills and creativity.
  • Team spirit. We support the individual potential engaged in the team, which leads to development of synergy results.
  • Professionalism: is our business card that we constantly reconfirm with our customers by transforming value into profit.


We build personalized IT applications, solutions and services to make our clients’ current business challenges turn into their allies for success. We do this with a certified team with extensive experience and deep understanding of business peculiarity. Since 1993.


We love to say that we are a “Business Change Enabler” or a partner that facilitates customer change and adaptation to digital solutions. We provide our clients with our competencies, capabilities and expertise in the form of business consulting in order to help them adapt to the digital age and maximize their results.


The experience we have now in implementing specific IT&C solutions provides our professional staff with transferable skills, which bring more quality to the built systems, regardless of the origin of components. These skills represent the basis, the benefit of any system that we accomplish for our customers.


We pursue the long-term interests of our clients


We provide a complete portfolio of IT&C solutions and services


We innovatively embed the latest technologies within the solutions offered


We are a team of professional staff, certified by world-renowned IT&C partners



Marius Tulea

Director General

Costel Cristea

Deputy General Manager - Business Development

Cristian Radescu

Executive Director - Solutions Deployment

Adrian Petrea

Deputy General Manager - Operations
Filip Zgubea1

Filip Zgubea

Strategic Programs Manager
Danut Agache

Danut Agache

Executive Director - Presales & Support

Ionut Fogoros

Executive Director - Sales & Marketing

Dorel Enache

Executive Director - Economic-Financial & Logistics



RoNetAcad is the Association of Cisco Academies in Romania. Its main objectives are:

  • Promote at national level Cisco Academies and existing program;
  • Support for program graduates to get a job in the industry.

CRESCENDO joined Cisco Net Ready program in 2007 and 2008, which facilitates the relationship between academic and business environment, provides financial support for CCNA certification and offers career opportunities in Cisco partner companies.


Romanian Theatre Union – UNITER – is a professional nongovernmental and non-profit organization, formed by theatre people.

We acknowledge the importance of creating a better cultural environment for the society which we live in. Therefore, in April 2006, CRESCENDO sponsored UNITER Awards Ceremony, an event that gives recognition of merits and theatrical creations of the previous year.

Mia’s Children Association

Watching every child, you can discover the story, because every child has a story, every child is the story itself. Mia’s Children Association helps children whose parents are facing with financial, social and /or psychological difficulties. T

hrough his work with children and for children, the Association wants to prevent children abandon by parents. The goal of Mia’s Children is to give these children a better future.

In 2010 we joined it’s efforts. Together, we’ve gave them a smile!

Sense International

Sense International (Romania) is a Romanian non-governmental organization founded in 2001. The mission of Sense International (Romania) is to work in partnership with deafblind people, their families, care staff and specialists, to ensure that all they have access to counseling, opportunities and support. The organization works with and for people with deafness and multiple sensory impairments in Romania.


From 2015, CRESCENDO supports the organization in its efforts.


ASCHF-R  (Association to Support Physically Disabled Children) assumes as a vision for its beneficiaries: “A world in which children and young people with physical and associated disabilities exploit their potential and are full members of society.”

Since 1990, ASCHF-R has consistently contributed with its projects and programs to promotion of children and youth with disabilities rights and image, to influencing the legislative framework to create equal opportunities, to boosting the specialized institutions to increase public space accessibility. CRESCENDO is one of the main partners of the association since 2006.

Junior Achievement Romania

Junior Achievement Romania is a non-profit organization founded in 1993 as part of Junior Achievement Worldwide U.S.A.® and Junior Achievement – Young Enterprise Europe.


Organization’s mission is to inspire and prepare the young generation to succeed in a market economy.

Job Shadow Day – Junior Achievement Romania

CRESCENDO sponsored the Foundation in 2009 to conduct educational activities in January – June 2009. The activities consisted in implementation in five high school classes in Bucharest of the entrepreneurial education program called “COMPANY”.

The initiative provided pupils with a real picture of the business community and jobs. CRESCENDO joined the Job Shadow Day program – an international Junior Achievement Romania program, through which young people get acquainted with the job market, spending a few hours in the “shadow” of a parent or employee of the desired field. In 2015, the program reached its 13th edition in Romania, followed by over 20,000 students across the country, with the support of local education and business communities.