Videoconference and telepresence solutions: Crescendo
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Videoconference and telepresence solutions

As a Polycom Authorized Reseller with Unified Communications specialization, we have the required certifications and the necessary experience to provide a complete range of services – design, implementation, integration and support – for all Polycom telepresence, audio and videoconferencing solutions.


On the market of videoconferencing, one of the largest growth markets in recent years, Polycom is one of the world’s leading telepresence, audio and video conferencing solutions provider and a precursor of communications that enable people to stay in touch anywhere and anytime .


Also, through the Cisco Gold Partner status, we have the certifications and experience we need to offer Cisco WebEx solutions. who offers on-demand collaboration services, online meetings, web conferencing and video-based conferences.

Crescendo team can help you choose the best suited solution to your business needs.

Polycom and Microsoft

Polycom and Microsoft help the way people interact with partners, colleagues and clients through a more efficient and personalized collaboration experience. Together, Microsoft and Polycom offers an Unified Communications solution optimized for Microsoft environments, a complete suite of voice, videoconference and telepresence solutions, perfectly interoperable with Polycom’s scalable infrastructure and Microsoft’s Skype for Business.


The solution allows users to collaborate at the office, on the road, at home or in a conference room. Furthermore, customers benefit from a personalized communication experience, affordable, lower cost, increased productivity, faster and efficient operations, helping in decisions making process based on well-structured, secure information.

Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx allows you to meet with anyone, anywhere, on any device! The Cisco WebEx® Meeting Center allows you to: Collaborate more effectively with customers, partners, and employees to share information and ideas with teams from anywhere, globally (you only need an Internet connection), save time, and make the most of your resources , bringing together the participants without the need for effective travel, maintaining permanent contact anywhere, taking full advantage of the experience of a conference on any device, organizing entertaining and productive meetings with the integration of high-definition, audio and sharing video systems content, organize each meeting as a videoconference, using your own Cisco® Collaboration Meeting Room, through which anyone can participate using any video device.