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Microsoft Licensing

The Microsoft Partner Network status, together with the skills and experience acquired by our team in complex projects, positions us as a complete provider, capable to provide consultancy on both licencing and technical level, also to deliver implementation and support services, whereby customers can get maximum of benefits from investing in Microsoft solutions.


Depending on your company’s size and business model, you can choose any of the following licensing programs:

1. Volume Licensing for Small and Medium Organizations 

(5 to 250 PCs)

Open License
  • the easiest and fastest way to buy licenses for those companies that make decentralized procurement
  • the size of the original purchase determines the level of discount of Open contract, which will be available for 2 years
  • the contract opens with a minimum order of 5 licenses or with a service license per CPU, full payment when purchasing
  • the license is perpetual
  • you can purchase the Standard License or license with Software Assurance (SA) under which you will benefit of: upgrade to other versions, Microsoft support, training in specialized centers, eLearning (access to online courses platform)
  • you will have access to a MVLS secure website to download software, to access the installation keys, to see the purchase history, or to benefit from Software Assurance (SA)
  • when the contract expires, you cannot place orders under the contract and another contract should be opened
Open Value Subscription (OVS)
  • licensing agreement to rent or lease the software
  • designed for organizations that want to standardize the PC equipments
  • signed for a three years period, with annual rent paid in advance
  • opens with an order of 5 to 250 PCs, the main condition is standardization of all eligible PCs in the company with Microsoft platform (Windows, Office, Core CAL) or with one or two of the platform components
  • Software Assurance is included in the program
  • at the end, you will have the option to extend the contract/ to acquire perpetual licenses (buy out) / or to completely waive the rental software
Open Value Subscription-Education Solutions Contract (OVS-ES)

as part of the Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES)

  • Leasing or leasing software licensing agreement for educational clients, both in the pre-university environment and in the university environment
  • Can be signed for at least 5 academic users
  • Desktop Platform licenses will be ordered for the entire organization (Windows 7 Upgrade, Office Professional Plus, Core CAL Suite, Enterprise CAL Suite, Desktop Education with Core CAL, and Desktop Education with ECAL)
  • CAL Suite components (eg Windows CAL, SharePoint CAL, etc.) are not designed as a Desktop Platform, but will be ordered for the entire organization
  • All products offered through the Student option will be ordered for 100% of the total number of Students – academic users
  • Customers enrolled in the School Agreement will continue to benefit from the School Program
  • All bids, ordering quantities, calculation mechanism and prices will remain the same

2. Volume Licensing for Large Organizations

(over 250 PCs)

Available Programs: Select, Select Plus, Enterprise Agreement (EA), Enterprise Agreement Subscription (EAS), CASA, ECI, EAP

  • provides organizations with over 250 PCs a flexible but simple volume licensing solution
  • contract for a three years period which allows the purchase of licenses at any time during this period, payment is performed at time of order
  • initial order of minimum 1500 points (each product license is assigned a number of points)
  • price level is determined by the forecast of total volume of licenses that the organization plans to buy
  • license and Software Assurance (L&SA) can be purchased at any time of the contract, according to your organization’s needs
Select Plus
  • It is similar with the Select Licencing program described above, with the major difference that it is a “Non-Expiring Contract”
Enterprise Agreement (EA)
  • volume licensing program designed for organizations with at least 250 PCs
  • it requires the standardization of the IT platform with on one or more Microsoft products, with impact on reducing total cost of ownership for computers
  • 3 years duration, with fixed annual payments per desktop. The amount covers the licensing of products stipulated in the contract and includes upgrade to any version available during the 3 years.
  • licenses are perpetual (after termination of contract, licenses become customer property)
  • if new PCs are enrolled during a contract year, the software can be installed immediately. At the following “celebration”, you must declare these new PCs and place the relevant software order. Such added PCs are paid once throughout the contract and the price is fixed according to the period remaining until the termination of the contract.
Enterprise Agreement Subscription (EAS)
  • OVS similar as a contract (rent software), however being designed for organizations with more than 250 PCs
  • requires standardization of eligible PCs on Microsoft platform

3. Cloud Licensing

Available Programs: Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA), Office 365 (Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online, Lync Online, Office Online, Office Professional Plus, Yammer Enterprise), CRM Online, Windows Azure, Windows Intune, Project Online, Visio Online

Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA)
  • way of licensing for Hosting partner
  • equipment is not owned by the end-user (the partner hosts)
  • order is placed by the Hosting Partner to the SPLA Partner (HP, Insight)
  • monthly payment; licensing of products may be different from the classical one
Windows Azure platform
  • is an Internet level platform for calculations and cloud services, hosted in Microsoft data centers
  • includes the Windows Azure base layer and a set of development services that can be used individually or together
  • there are available a variety of subscriptions for purchase and each subscription has an unique pay plan
CRM Online
  • offers an increased rate of return on investment (ROI) by automating processes and marketing teams, customer and sales
  • available online, the solution offers the same features and benefits as well as on-premise version (local implementations), but at significantly reduced costs
Office 365
  • brings together all the productivity services available in Microsoft Cloud in a secure, reliable and flexible package
  • a suite of solutions that include messaging, collaboration and communication: Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online, Online Office, Office Professional Plus and Enterprise Yammer
  • are provided in the Software-as-a-service online, hosted on Microsoft servers
  • require low internal IT support, zero initial investment and integrates with existing IT infrastructure
  • simplify the employees and increase the efficiency with which tasks are solved each
  • involve low cost, predictable monthly payment per user
Windows Intune
  • Windows Intune lets you manage devices in a flexible way, either cloud or connected to a System Center Configuration Manager infrastructure
  • manages PCs and mobile devices in one place
  • offers BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) support on all popular platforms: Windows, Windows RT, Windows Phone, iOS and Android, in an unified solution
  • allows a simple and efficient management without the need of infrastructure in this matter;
  • allows flexible work types, enabling users to work from anywhere with the tools they need
Visio Online
  • is an online solution for Microsoft Windows diagram that uses vector graphics
  • is available as a subscription through Microsoft Office 365
  • includes the same features as Visio Professional 2013 and in addition allows each user to install Visio for up to 5 PCs running Windows 7 / Windows 8
Project Online
  • is a flexible online solution for project portfolio management (PPM) and daily work;
  • is delivered through Office 365
  • allows organizations to prioritize and deliver business value to projects from anywhere, on almost any device

4. Specific Licensing for Certain Types of Products

Available Programs: Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Full Packaged Product (FPP), Get Genuine Kit (GGK)

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • preinstalled software on newly purchased hardware
  • offers the advantage of the lowest price for the above mentioned products
  • once installed, the license can not be moved to another computer or server
GGK – Get Genuine Kit
  • option for licensing in isolated situations where incorrectly licensed software is purchased
  • licensing error is solved easily and cost effectively
  • available only for Windows and Office products
FPP – Full Packaged Product
  • Software applications packages as can be found in retail stores
  • packages include media support, EULA (End User License Agreement), COA (Certificate of Authenticity), documentation manual, installation key
  • for individual / home / small office users
  • allowance to move license to another computer or server
  • more expensive than Volume Licensing
GGWA – Get Genuine Windows Agreement
  • agreement to legalize Windows through volume licensing
  • licenses are perpetual
  • opens on an initial order of at least 5 licenses
  • after the order, a Number Agreement is generated under which orders are placed during the 2 years’ contract
  • downgrade is possible; for upgrade it is necessary to purchase Software Assurance within 90 days after opening contract