CRESCENDO - Business Change Enabler - company history - in figures
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Company in figures


We provide customized IT&C applications, solutions and services with which you, our customers, get maximum benefits out of business information.


With 100% Romanian capital, we started out as hardware and software provider. Then we added more IT&C solutions each year, through our partnerships with worldwide companies. From the position of supplier with expertise in several business areas, we gradually began to integrate complex systems based both on our own solutions and on those of other suppliers.


In terms of turnover in the last 5 years, CRESCENDO followed the general IT & C market situation, with its increases and decreases influencing.

YEAR 2016 - 11.2 MIL EURO0%
YEAR 2015 - 12.1 MIL EURO0%
YEAR 2014 - 14.5 MIL EURO0%
YEAR 2013 - 11 MIL EURO0%
YEAR 2012 - 12 MIL EURO0%


YEAR 2016 - 83 EMPLOYEES0%
YEAR 2015 - 75 EMPLOYEES0%
YEAR 2014 - 74 EMPLOYEES0%
YEAR 2013 - 83 EMPLOYEES0%
YEAR 2012 - 94 EMPLOYEES0%

Our major objective is to offer organizations a unique point of contact for implementation of new IT&C solutions and for integrating them with existing ones. The key to our success is people, in whom we constantly invest in order to allow long-term career development and also maintaining a high level of performance. We offer all that in a friendly environment, with “open doors” to any manager in the company.


The experience we have now in implementing specific IT&C solutions provides our professional staff with transferable skills, which bring more quality to the built systems, regardless of the origin of components. These skills represent the basis, the benefit of any system that we accomplish for our customers. We are a team of professionals certified by world-renowned IT & C partners and we have accumulated more than 25 years of experience on the Romanian market.



CRESCENDO International Ltd. was founded, with 100% Romanian capital and four shareholders

We started out as hardware and software provider but through our partnerships with world-renowned companies each year, we added more and more IT&C solutions. IT&C experts to form our company’s team have accumulated valuable experience, tailoring IT&C partners’ worldwide verified solutions to the Romanian specific requirements. This is, in fact, one of the core benefits for our customers.


CRESCENDO re-branded as an IT&C solutions house

We have been continuously expanding our range of services, focusing on value-added services and Outsourcing. The customers of CRESCENDO – the IT&C Solution House take advantage of modern solutions, internationally validated, due to the partnerships we have with world IT&C leaders. These partnerships are the foundation upon which our IT&C solutions are built and tailored to specific requirements of each client.


Represented a change of the company’s internal organization structure and of the income structure within total turnover.

We responded to the increasing demand from our customers by focusing on value added services and by a restructuring our activities in 2006. Thus, CRESCENDO has reduced the amount of “goods” (equipment) sales and withdrew from activities with low profitability margins. In 2006, we addressed new business segments, new solutions and services, while increasing the volume of software development work. The cumulative share of software and services reached over two thirds of the total activity, resulting in increased efficiency indicators for a stable and more rapid development in our customer’s benefit.


CRESCENDO is acknowledged as one of the major IT&C integrated solutions and services companies in Romania

In independent market studies, conducted by IDC and Ziarul Financiar respectively, our company is listed among the leading providers of IT&C integrated services and solutions in Romania. Consequent to obtaining the Information Security Management System Certification, we have become one of the first providers of IT&C solutions and services to ensure our clients and partners that the information operated by the company are protected against loss, destruction, unauthorized access and other risks.


We count, in 20 years of activity:

Over 400 customers; More than a thousand of projects; Partnerships with more than 30 international companies; Value-added services have exceeded 40% of total revenues.


Focus on services

Crescendo International's business is divided into four business lines - software, communications, computing, and collaborative platforms. Of these, the largest business weights have business communications solutions for computing. Another important component for this year is repositioning and brand refresh.