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BI (Business Intelligence)

Management structures have come to expect a powerful tool for measuring, monitoring and tracking key business processes. Amid tightening competition, managers now need to solve complex problems, often insufficiently clearly defined, with implications on multiple plans. As an IT&C solutions and services integrator, we meet our customers primarily with our Business Intelligence know-how, accustomed to various industries and as well to the needs of managers acting in these areas.


Whatever the BI solution chosen, our advanced skills and references recommend us as the ideal partner to integrate these solutions with other solutions used by customers (such as ERP, SCM, CRM and others).

Depending on your specific needs and on your own infrastructure, we choose the Business Intelligence solution that best meets your business needs. You can choose either QlikView solutions, or Microsoft Business Intelligence:

Eliminate the assumptions

When the business is led using assumptions, means that there is not enough data. BI solutions offer real-time data, forecasts, scenarios, eliminating the need to guess.

Get fast data

You can make informed decisions based on real company information without having to browse the multitude of pages of written reports.

Speed and mobility

With BI (Business Intelligence) applications, any qualified team member gets scoreboards and other critical reports via mobile devices.

Valuable Customers

A BI platform helps you study and understand your customers' buying behavior and gives you the opportunity to turn this information into profit.

CRESCENDO BI solutions in the portfolio:


QlikView facilitates monitoring, structuring and analyzing massive amounts of data relevant to business processes, regardless of company size or scope of activity. Thus, QlikView is the ideal solution to optimize decision making in various fields, such as sales, marketing, supply and management, finance, human resources, manufacturing, public administration or IT.

Microsoft Business Intelligence

Combining the data analysis capability of Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Windows Server System with the power and simplicity of Microsoft Office System, organizations benefit from complete and effective solutions. Companies have the flexibility to choose from a wide range of tools and applications. As a Microsoft Partner Network, we have proven competencies in implementing Microsoft Business Intelligence based solutions.