Security Infrastructure - Managed Services - CRESCENDO
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Security Infrastructure

We take over and manage, partially or totally, the infrastructure and IT & C resources of the client who wants to outsource an activity or process. The result of these services can be controlled by the customer based on mutually agreed parameters.


Our Infrastructure Security Management Services will help you optimize your activities in technological environments. We offer technical expertise, consistent, flexible services and access to the latest industry technologies from top vendors.


We offer our clients the opportunity to re-orient valuable material and human resources to their core business. And at the level of the entire company, we address first of all our client business need offering the level of expected services.

Managed Services – Security Infrastructure

The number of cyber-attacks has grown on an alarming rhythm in recent years. Organizations are constantly confronted with this threat. On the other hand, the technological environment has evolved at an incredible speed. Mobility, virtualization, cloud, and social media networks have opened new potential gates to security issues. Through “Managed Services – Security Infrastructure”, CRESCENDO specialists will provide the cyber security expertise and experience you need to protect your organization. We invite you to discover our comprehensive digital security services that can protect your IT infrastructure both in your location and in the Cloud, so you can quickly respond to any security incident.


Ensure that E-mail Gateway technologies are effectively monitored and managed and provide ongoing protection against information leakage and cyber attacks distributed via email.


Provides Web Gateway technologies that are effectively monitored and managed and provide ongoing protection against information leakage and cyber attacks distributed over the Internet.


Full and continuous service that protects your networks against attacks and abuse using network-based intrusion detection and prevention systems.


Protects key assets across networks, applications, and databases by monitoring and maintaining Firewall by our security analysts.


We protect your web applications from sophisticated cyber attacks.


Block unsolicited web content through over 70 categories and enhanced cloud analysis, filtering billions of URLs.


Automatically secures organization locations using mesh or hub-and-spoke tipologies.


Crescendo Security Packages As-a-Service are based on Cisco Meraki MX Security Appliances technology and products.


Increasing the efficiency and productivity and, implicitly, the competitiveness of your business through the full or partial takeover of the IT & C infrastructure management activities by specialists can be achieved by:


Dependence on human resources is solved, the IT staff variations does not result anymore in service interruptions, which would be covered by CRESCENDO own resources. In addition, planned interruptions of their own IT staff (for holidays) are permanently removed by ensuring the continuity of their activities, guaranteed by a contract. Full vendor feature, standards and methodologies allow us efficient organization of activity, to ensure continuity of services for our partners.


The ongoing process of qualification, training, and increasing of technical skills of CRESCENDO personnel allow high quality services delivery. The level of support contracted can remove all the drawbacks caused by disruptions in the functioning of IT&C system, by ensuring remedial terms. Increasing security on access to their business information and eliminating data loss. Increasing competitiveness by utilizing the latest technology, proposed by specialists in the field.


Cost effective control of human resources involved, reduce administration costs by optimizing the allocation of technical staff on areas of expertise and, implicitly, through their efficient organization. Reducing costs and maintaining them under control by optimizing IT&C system and sizing it right, so that it suits their needs. Minimize the hidden costs related to fixed assets involved in performing the activities of their own IT specialists (communication – telephone, means of transportation – car, training costs, bonuses, job development) through CRESCENDO resources. Optimizing investment funds management in new IT&C procurement by contracting beneficial solutions.


The skills and experience accumulated in 25 years of complex solutions provide us with a flexible, tailor-made solution to your needs. Partnerships with IT&C industry vendors are the guarantee of providing solutions tailored to your needs, guaranteeing their future efficiency and scalability. The solutions offered by CRESCENDO can be dimensioned according to the requirements and size of the client company, so that the costs will be in line with the real need. We can help large companies as well, but we also offer packages as an ideal service for small and medium-sized organizations, especially for those who operate in several locations.

Depending on the business needs and the possibilities of the beneficiary, CRESCENDO’s approach make available an extremely flexible structure design.


We offer service packages applicable to the customer’s IT & C structure on one or more sub-sets that make up this infrastructure.