Project Management - Integrated Services - CRESCENDO
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Project Management

The project management methodology used by Crescendo is based on the Project Management Institute (PMI) & SureStep approaches, which can be adapted depending on the scale or/and complexity of each project.


We have a dedicated Project Management Team, consisting of PMP & SureStep Certified & real-life experienced Project Managers:

  • 2 PMP (Project Management Professional) certifications;
  • 1 Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step certification;
  • Various project management courses organized by Codecs and KTC International.

The methodology is structured into four main phases:

Project initialization

The aim of this phase is to establish all aspects related to the project implementation and the project management system, i.e. project team members, work and communication framework, preparation of location, facilities and support.

Project Planning

This phase aims to set out the project plan according to the specific work requirements. Project plans can have various degrees of detail and may focus on different aspects of the project (tasks, deliverable, milestones).

Project Execution and Control

In this phase, the Project Manager’s responsibilities will include the following: progress monitoring and control, organizing project meetings, reporting on project status, assessing and managing risks/changes.

Project Closure

In the closure phase, the project manager is responsible for signing off for the delivery of the project, as well as for project outcome evaluation. In some cases, when required in the contract or by the scale of the project, the project manager will also draw up a final report.

The role of Project Manager in CRESCENDO
  • Performs the specific/all project management activities according to the methodology applied, related to the 4 phases described above (initiation, planning, monitoring&control and closing)
  • Builds-up, supervises and co-ordinates the project team
  • Responsible for the successful planning and execution of the project
  • Responsible with the customer relationship as single point of contact throughout a project lifecycle
  • Identifies and solves issues in the project, mediates conflicts
  • Manages cross functional/high priority projects as required/needed, ensures the scheduled time/quality delivery (include planning, estimating, scheduling, tracking, controlling, measuring)
  • Ensures the delivery of the key milestones
  • Performs negotiations with related suppliers and partners
  • Performs activities related to risk and change management
  • Regularly monitors progress/status of the projects
  • Responsible for all project related activities including HR, Legal, Financial
  • The PMO Team is able to cover and coordinate the implementation of projects for the entire portfolio of solutions (Business Applications, Software Development, IT&C Infrastructure, Collaboration & Communications).