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Cloud PBX

Crescendo Managed Services for Office 365 Communication

Cloud PBX is the Microsoft technology that enables call control and PBX capabilities in the Office 365 cloud with Skype for Business Online. The Skype for Business Cloud PBX application allows you to replace the existing PBX with a set of features provided directly from Office 365 and integrated into the company’s cloud productivity experience.


CRESCENDO Managed Services for Office 365 Communication enables customers to communicate based on Skype for Business and Cloud PBX / PSTN Conferencing. We have the certificates to deliver these services and we rely on the Skype Operations Framework methodology. For the successful deployment and adoption of Cloud PBX with Office 365, the Microsoft Skype Operations Framework (SOF) is built into CRESCENDO services.

Why Choose Skype Operations Framework (SOF)

For successful deployment and adoption of Cloud PBX with Office 365, CRESCENDO has incorporated into the Microsoft Skype Operations Framework (SOF) services. SOF is a comprehensive guide and set of tools for implementing and managing a reliable and cost-effective communications service based on Skype for Business online. SOF covers the entire life cycle of the project from planning, delivery, adoption, operation and migration. The three stages of SOF that ensure a successful implementation of the Skype for Business project are: planning, delivery and operation.


Why Choose Cloud PBX?

Simplify user experience by integrating all phone devices into Skype for Business

Improve call quality and ensure essential functionalities in a modern workplace

You can call or be called by fixed and mobile phone users

Redirect, track, and record calls

Enhance authentication and security features, especially for mobile users

Use the scalability of the Microsoft cloud

Replace the traditional local PBX systems

Why Skype for Business Online?

Facilitates team communication for Skype users

Allows calling Skype to Skype and group calls

Voice and video conferencing for Skype users

Instant Messaging and text, voice and video messaging

Record audio / video calls and shared content

Organization of meetings and calendars

Sharing / sending files, photos, videos, screens, presentations, contracts

Why PSTN Conferencing?

Extending Skype online meetings for Business through dial-in / dial-out phone calls to communicate with fixed and mobile phone users

Anyone can join your appointment over the phone, even if they do not have a data connection

Dial-in numbers for more than 100 countries around the world

Why Crescendo?

CRESCENDO International SRL is a well-known IT&C integrator and the Partner who facilitates change in customer’s business through technology and experience accumulated in successful history as the “IT&C solutions house”. In short, CRESCENDO means over 200 active clients, thousands of successful projects and more than 20 strategic partnerships.

With over 25 years of experience on the market, CRESCENDO offers personalized IT applications, solutions and services to help customers get the most out of business information. With full Romanian capital, the company started as a hardware and software provider, and then added many IT & C solutions every year through partnerships with leading global companies. From the position of supplier with experience in several fields of activity, he gradually began to integrate complex systems based on both their own solutions and suppliers.

Crescendo generates value by:

Security audit

Plan the integration with the old PBX

Workshop about benefits and use scenarios for IP phones and videoconferencing equipment with end users

PSTN connectivity planning

Implementing the network optimization plan

Integrate the old PBX with Cloud PBX

Configuring PSTN Connectivity (ISDN E1, SIP)

IP telephony and video endpoint implementation (if applicable)

Cloud PBX - Changes to PSTN Access Configuration

Do you want more information?

Please read more details about Crescendo Managed Services for Office 365 Communication.

Why choose CRESCENDO?

As a CRESCENDO client, you benefit from managed services, regardless of the services you choose. Depending on the specific needs your company has, we offer three types of fully managed services for Office 365 Skype for Business, PSTN Conferencing and Cloud PBX. The valuable experience we have gained by combining specific services with each of our validated skills in integrated projects enables us to provide our clients with a wide range of complex services including: comprehensive network and security assessments, integration with PABX’es and operators, support for various types of peripherals, IP phones and final video points.

Our offer for Office 365

Phase Results Crescendo Activities Basic Premium Premium Plus
Planning Defining specific needs.
Defining how to use it in the company.
Defining architecture and project approach.
Defining user scenarios.
Operations planning and adoption by users.
Evaluation of training.
Office 365 Skype for Business Presentatios Crescendo Crescendo Crescendo
Defining customer needs, people involved, and project map Crescendo Crescendo Crescendo
Internal environment audit Crescendo Crescendo Crescendo
Network recommendations Crescendo Crescendo Crescendo
Designing the solution architecture Crescendo Crescendo Crescendo
Planning for PSTN Conferencing implementation Crescendo Crescendo Crescendo
Network assessment (including WiFi) Crescendo Crescendo
Security audit Crescendo Crescendo
Plan Cloud PBX solution Crescendo
Plan the integration with the old PBX Crescendo
Workshop benefits and use scenarios for IP phones and videoconferencing equipment for end users Crescendo
PSTN connectivity planning Crescendo
Proof of Concept Crescendo
Delivery Effective implementation of Skype for Business Online.
Protect your investment by ensuring a smooth migration of the PBX to Cloud
Office365 Tenant Deployment Crescendo Crescendo Crescendo
Activate the license for Skype for Business Online Crescendo Crescendo Crescendo
Activate users and deploying support Crescendo Crescendo Crescendo
Solution adoption / user training workshop Crescendo Crescendo Crescendo
User Acceptance Tests Crescendo Crescendo Crescendo
Implementing PSTN Conferencing Crescendo Crescendo
Set up PSTN dial numbers Crescendo Crescendo
Implementing your network usage plan Crescendo Crescendo
Integrate the old PBX with Cloud PBX Crescendo
Configuring PSTN Connectivity (ISDN E1, SIP) Crescendo
IP phones and endpoint video implementation (where applicable) Crescendo
Operating Proactive monitoring predicts problems and prevents them from becoming incidents.
Keep a high-quality and reliable Skype service for business.
Problem solving Crescendo Crescendo Crescendo
Adoption / use services Crescendo Crescendo Crescendo
8x5x3 support days Crescendo Crescendo Crescendo
New features activation Crescendo Crescendo
Technical Assistance in Operational and Administrative Tasks Crescendo Crescendo
8x5x business days support Crescendo Crescendo
Proactive monitoring Crescendo
Continuous improvement services Crescendo
Reporting services Crescendo
24x7x4 support Crescendo

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