Microsoft OMS: Standardized products and services: Crescendo
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Microsoft OMS

We facilitate your work with a new IT solution

As we have already used to you, we want to offer you the latest and most effective IT & C solutions for protecting, adapting and simplifying your business.


This time we come to meet your need to ease the server infrastructure management with the Operations Management Suite (WHO).

The solution

OMS is a complete Microsoft solution that ensures the monitoring of the Azure, Amazon, AWS, Windows Server, Linux, VMware and OpenStack server infrastructure in a hybrid environment.

Crescendo’s solution provides optimization and simplification of the virtual data center that can include tens, hundreds or even thousands of virtual machines distributed over dozens of physical environments.

The Dashboard provides an overview of virtual machines and ensures a simple and efficient management of them in the cloud. This way, you can access your centralized dashboard from anywhere and from any device.

What benefits does the Operations Management Suite bring to you?

Whether you’re already using System Center and wanting to add value to it, or just want a complete hybrid solution for cloud management, here are some of the benefits the OMS has to offer:

Helps you control and manage physical and virtual infrastructures, Private Cloud and Public Cloud.

It is ideal for getting quick and conclusive information about the state of SQL Server and MySQL Server databases.

Verify and report information about server security and cyber security threats for server infrastructure (malware, malware traffic, suspicious IP addresses, threat intelligence).

It reduces your traditional storage costs by providing backup and protection for virtual / physical machines through Azure Backup / Site Recovery.

It's a reliable disaster recovery solution that helps you in business continuity.


If you’ve been interested in the OMS server monitoring and management solution and would like to know more about the functionality and benefits of this, do not hesitate to contact us and arrange a meeting with us.