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Are you confronted with a non-homogeneous and / or outdated IT & C infrastructure? Are you unable to quickly respond to changing business needs? Does support and maintenance costs exceed 50% of your budget? Migrate to Cloud Computing!


Using Cloud Computing you can benefit from an automated and scalable IT&C infrastructure that provides your organization on demand access to at a flexible pool of resources: services, applications, servers, storage and network, with a significant IT cost cutting.


Regardless of the chosen Cloud Computing (Private / Public / Hybrid), we have built an integrated approach with our partners in order to bring the best network, server, storage, security, and IT resources management into a convergence platform.

Transforming IT from an application and support provider into a service provider

The IT department is the provider of all IT services in the organization, which can be developed, personalized and scaled quickly, according to business requirements;

Aligning the IT&C department with the organization's business needs

Through Private Cloud, IT provides the business with the tools it needs to start a new project, expanding or compressing the business, opening a new unit, integrating an acquired company, etc. Also, depending on real needs and user requirements, IT can dynamically allocate resources within the organization.

Passing IT from the cost center area to the profit center

The Private Cloud model allows the IT department to monitor the use of IT services in the organization and to bind each department according to the services they use.

Revolutionizes the way IT department and its resuourcesc and functions works, benefiting from:

Increase Business Flexibility

By aligning IT&C department with the company’s business needs, the ability and speed of an organization to adapt to and respond to changes in the market immediately increases. This alignment brings added competitiveness and competitive advantages.

Safety, Reliability and Stability

Through Cloud, you have total and stable control over your own data, applications and resources, as well as the way they are accessed, in a safe and reliable way.


Through a data center that requires up to 85% fewer servers, switches, power consumption, storage, and maintenance costs, overall costs drops by up to 80%.

Increasing End Users Satisfaction

Through secure access, from anywhere, to all the resources they need and the rapid adaptation of services to their specific needs.

Solutions from our portfolio:

  • Cisco Cloud Web Security
  • Cisco Meraki
  • Cisco WebEx Meeting Center
  • Cisco Energy Management Suite
  • Office 365
  • Windows Azure
  • Windows Intune
  • CRM Online
  • Project Online
  • Visio Online
  • Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA)
  • HP Cloud System Matrix
  • Vblock
  • Cloud Backup Solutions