Italo Romena Bank invests in data security - CRESCENDO
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Italo Romena Bank invests in data security

Italo Romena Bank invests in data security

CRESCENDO announces the completion of the Cisco IronPort WebSecurity technology implementation project at  Italo Romena entire IT system level; part of the Italian Veneto Banca Group, through which it benefits from increased protection against various types of data security attacks originating from the outside or inside of the Bank. The solution, designed by CRESCENDO specialists along with the Bank’s IT service, has become operational since June 2011. Italo Romena Bank decided to launch this project in early 2011, amid a global increase in the number of attacks on IT & C systems, thus seeking to provide greater protection to customer data.

“Italo Romena Bank’s policy on data security is based on protection and prevention. So, in order to have added comfort in terms of protecting our clients’ data and at the same time to avoid potential losses (financial, trust, etc.), we decided to complete the security system with Cisco IronPort WebSecurity technology, said Radu Popescu, Head of IT Services of Italo Romena Bank.

“During the pretesting period, Cisco IronPort WebSecurity has proven to be the answer that best suits the institution’s requirements. It’s an integrated solution that provides an overview of even the most difficult to detect threats without sacrificing speed and efficiency. In addition, we are talking about robust management and minimal supervision time. All this translates into a low total cost of ownership (TCO),” says Costel Cristea, CRESCENDO’s Communications Solutions BU Manager.

The Cisco IronPort WebSecurity solution thus covers web security in a complete manner, providing control at different levels to monitor and prevent web threats. By minimizing the risk associated with unrestricted access to the Internet, including a range of malware, phishing and / or unauthorized threats, Italo Romena Bank benefits from a highly secure, manageable, and monitored system.

“The advantages gained by our institution are easy to quantify. Daily, about 60,000 troublesome transactions are blocked, about 16,000 potentially malicious sites are restricted, and about 3,000 malware or spyware downloads are prevented. In short, we benefit from the comfort of feeling safe,” adds Radu Popescu, Head of IT Service at Italo Romena

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