Microsoft Summit 2017 - CRESCENDO - IoT - SMART Dashboard
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Microsoft Summit 2017

Microsoft Summit 2017

Bucharest, November 7, 2017: CRESCENDO attended at Microsoft Summit 2017. The event took place at the National Theater. Catalina Manole, Account Manager, Robert Frone, Account Manager, and Darius Popa, Software Developer, were part of CRESCENDO Team who presented the CRESCENDO’s SMART Dashboard solution at ALEF partner stand.

Crescendo Smart Metering Dashboard offers control, analysis and decision making capabilities for important business areas, such as: 

  • Smart City
  • Water Management
  • Waste management
  • Industrial IoT
  • Air quality
  • Gas management
  • Electricity
  • Smart parking
  • Smart lighting
  • Smart home
  • IoT solutions for agriculture
  • Transportation


CRESCENDO Smart Dashboard Solution addresses business challenges from different areas and represents a real decision support for managers that want to lead their business in a revolutionary manner

The principles based on which the architecture was constructed take into account the latest IoT patterns and technologies, in order to construct a solution that adds business value to our partners.


The Smart Metering Dashboard solution developed by Crescendo is designed to group together the data coming from different sources into a Server. Data sources can be sensors that communicate via a gateway (eg: Libelium sensors).

  • Retrieving data from ALL types of sensors
  • Reports based on sensor data
  • Grouping data into analysis structures
  • Control and command of sensors or equipment
  • Decision support


Using the Smart Dashboard developed by CRESCENDO generates value by:

  • Defining KPIs
  • Creating Alerts based on certain conditions
  • Creating relevant reports
  • Creating dashboards aggregating the most important reports
  • Controlling devices (add, remove, set parameters)
  • Communicating with devices by sending commands.


Business-based decisions generate benefits:

  • Reducing Consumption and Effective Resource Management
  • Reduction of costs (production and distribution on the network)
  • Reducing losses
  • Keep predictive
    • Pipe network
    • Pumps
    • Counters
    • Distribution centers
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