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Security As-a-Service

The advanced security that you can trust. Used easily and benefiting from the flexibility offered by Cloud.

Low maintenance

High availability

Immediate protection

Crescendo Security As-a-Service packages (SECaaS) are based on Cisco Meraki MX Security Appliance technology – ideal for small and medium-sized organizations, especially for those operating in multiple locations.

The SECaaS packages have many features, eliminating the need to use multiple hardware equipment in one location.

Advantages of packages based on these Next Generation Firewall equipment type:

You will benefit from the latest security technologies, paying only a monthly subscription

Use OPEX, without requiring any initial investment

Want more details?


Set up a meeting with one of CRESCENDO security experts to see how we can get the benefits of SECaaS in your business.

Here’s what benefits SECaaS can offer for your business:

Complete security in a unique box


Threat definitions and filter lists are automatically updated to protect your company from the latest vulnerabilities or unfriendly websites.

Security & rapidity


Our cloud-based solution has the advantage of securing a location within your organization in minutes.

High availability


The solution offers increased redundancy thanks to support for two uplink connections, including 3G / 4G mobile networks.







Our security solution includes a set of robust features without the need for any other acquisitions.

Identity-Based Firewall


Automatically assign firewall rules and traffic shaping, bandwidth restrictions to enforce policies for the rights of each user or group of users.

Intrusion prevention


Protects critical network resources against the latest security threats and vulnerabilities.

Auto VPN


Automatically secures organization locations using mesh or hub-and-spoke technology.

Content Filtering


Block unwanted web content through over 70 categories and put forward cloud verification, filtering billions of URLs.

Advanced Malware Protection


It protects your network against malware and identifies infected files that were previously unknown through retrospective detection.

High Availability & Failover


Provides service integrity through multiple uplink connections and VPN that reconnects automatically.

Application Visibility & Control


Identifies the applications that are used and then prioritizes critical applications while limiting recreational applications.

Centralized Management


From the same management console, you can also operate the wireless solution.

Depending on the organization’s needs, we offer the following packages:

Basic Premium Premium Plus
Monitoring and Reporting      
Technical support      
Automatic device update      
Configure your device without your presence at your location      
Firewall state-full      
Policies based on user identity      
Automated automated VPN (IPSec) for site-to-site, hub-and-spoke or mesh topologies      
Automatic switch on 3G / 4G mobile network      
Content filtering    
Intrusion Prevention Sensor (IPS)    
Geo-based firewall rules    
Advanced consulting services  

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