Crescendo: Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity in Azure
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Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity in Azure

Any interruption in the operation of the information system causes financial or image loss and puts you at a disadvantage compared to the competition. Also, loss of data following a technical malfunction or a ransomware attack may affect your business activity on long-term or even lead to bankruptcy. Moreover, GDPR regulations active starting May 2018, have a direct impact on how companies keep data and store them in the long run. It is certain that survival in the current economy ,requires the existence of a plan of operational continuity and data recovery in case of an unforeseen event for the whole computer system you operate. How do you manage the complexity and cost of such a project?

The Backup and Disaster Recovery solution helps you:

Limit downtime

avoid productivity, financial or compliance risks

Reduce costs

no other locations for backup copies are required

Manage complexity

Azure offers you centralized management and automation capabilities

Ensure compliance

meets regulatory requirements and compliance with data protection

In collaboration with Microsoft, Crescendo proposes a new approach to the concept of back-up and operational continuity. If in the past these processes were based on the acquisition of complex equipment and applications, today we offer a faster, better and much cheaper alternative. Microsoft Azure Back-up and Disaster Recovery services provide the best protection for company data and compliant with GDPR norms, without advance investments and without maintenance. In case of need, thanks to perfect integration with the IT system you operate and the level of automation, saving, recovering and restoring data takes place in minutes or even seconds.


The Microsoft Azure Cloud has 99.99% SLA-enabled availability, and the Back-up and Disaster Recovery features help you limit possible downtime and reduce risks. Also, eliminate the costs of building a secondary IT system to provide the necessary redundancy. Together with Crescendo specialists, you can create scenarios of use for any type of application, from document management to CRM and ERP (for example: Dynamics CRM, SAP, Oracle, MFGPro), whether you have virtualized VMware or Hyper-v infrastructure.

the main causes of unplanned downtime are:
  • electricity

  • hardware malfunctions

  • human errors

  • computer attacks

  • other

Advanced management, automation and centralized management capabilities

Azure Back-up and Business Continuity Services have advanced management and automation and centralized management capabilities, making it easy to work for your technical team. Data replication is automatically based on a company-defined policy, and data restoration involves just a few clicks. Thus, you can assume high-performance recovery point objective and recovery time objectives at a low cost and without greatly increasing the complexity of the IT infrastructure.

Why waste data and time and expose yourself to risks if Crescendo specialists can offer you an innovative solution to achieve the most ambitious operational continuity and compliance objectives with the most stringent data protection rules? Everything fast, without investing in equipment and applications, through a pay-as-you-use system.

Whether you’re looking for a back-up solution or want a business continuity plan, with Microsoft Azure and Crescendo you have access to top cloud technology and a team of skilled professionals who can shape a personalized solution to the most competitive prices.