Cisco SD-Access - migration benefits to the Catalyst 9000 with Cisco One
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Cisco SD-Access and migration benefits to the Catalyst 9000 with Cisco One

What generates the need for an infrastructure update?


Architectures are rapidly changing and centered on applications and services. Users are becoming more and more demanding to access resources from anywhere, anytime, and any type of device. The IT department’s load is getting bigger as well as the administrators need for centralized management and expanded network visibility. The budgets for infrastructure upgrading are 100% Capex in the majority of companies and that do not allow continuous updates to new technologies, synchronized with the accelerated rhythm of threats. Unfortunately, many organizations have obsolete IT infrastructures, lacking scalability and flexibility, difficult to manage and secure, and changing this state actually requires investment, time and effort – demands that many companies do not deal with. On the other hand, we know that infrastructure needs to evolve in line with requirements.

The answer is a software platform that ensures visibility and control over the entire network, eliminating the effort of managing LAN, WLAN and Cloud services separately.

Cisco SD-Access is Cisco’s solution, the intuitive network component buit on Cisco DNA principles (Cisco Digital Network Architecture),  which offers a major transformation of how we build and manage the network by separating the equipment network functions, increasing business efficiency and reducing costs at the same time.


Cisco SD-Access dramatically reduces the time it takes to deploy, manage and secure the wired or wireless network while improving user experience and increasing business agility with lower operating costs.

The benefits CRESCENDO provides
through SD-Access implementation are:

Improve security and ensure compliance with new requirements

The Cisco solution allows companies to deploy advanced segments without the need for network redesign and provides the optimal basis for IOT. Furthermore, SD-Access uses contextual information and telemetry data to help analyze solutions identify and proactively address security issues.

Reduce costs and increase operational agility

Moving old hardware functionality into the software area will help reduce the Capex and reduce the IT department's operational expenses (Opex). In addition, with SD-Access, any upgrades or changes in the network are made faster and more securely through the centralized management platform.

Improving capabilities for monitoring and troubleshooting

SD-Access covers access requirements and quality of service (QoS) regardless of where the company's resources are accessed.

The major SD-Access components are

Cisco DNA center si ISE


The Cisco DNA Center and ISE are available as a Cisco One subscription package along with other technologies such as Cisco Stealhwatch.

Catalyst 9000


The new Catalyst 9000 switch platform is designed to do more in less time.

The new series of Cisco swhits ensures a reduction in network deployment, configuration and security time from a few months to a few minutes and is the platform that allows for the future integration of all new Cisco technologies. In addition, the Catalyst 9300 switch family proposes flexible licensing options, enabling customers to purchase on a subscription basis only the features and capabilities they need, while at the same time maximizing their benefits by purchasing the Cisco One package. The new licensing model provides cost control and predictability.


All of these capabilities extend the coverage of Cisco switches from traditional enterprise infrastructures up to data centers and hybrid Cloud environments. Thus the Catalyst 9000 series becomes a foundation that can support the future development of your business, being a long-term return investment.

Why Cisco One?

Transform the company’s wired and wireless network into a single structure (network fabric) and offer simplified use and centralized management.

It is developed for security, mobility, IOT and cloud, built to meet the demands of the new era of digital transformation.

Provides advanced automation and programming features, more security and higher density of network devices, supports higher speed uplinks.

Provides segmentation and micro segmentation capabilities and malware detection capabilities even in encrypted traffic.

Allows easy integration of multiple locations at the company level.

It delivers twice as much performance at a price comparable to the old Catalyst switches, adding many new functionalities and new features at the same time.

Unprecedented visibility in wired and wireless networks.

Crescendo specialists, alongside our Cisco partner, will help you make your network transition to a more efficient, flexible, and secure new architecture. Migrating to the Catalyst 9000 platform and the new Cisco One licensing model is – especially in the context of GDPR – one of the most effective steps you can take to improve the performance and security of your business.