Customer Service: Microsoft Dynamics CRM - CRESCENDO
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Customer Service

Regardless of the industry in which you operate, the main expectation of your customers targets the quality of delivery and services, the kindness of the staff, the speed of response, the quality of the product in general in the “comfort of being the customer of the company”.


Increase customer satisfaction and customer service efficiency through Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Service. Thus, you have a complete solution for customer service activity, familiar to users, adaptable to your processes and scalable to meet the present and future requirements of the company.

Manage your customers
  • Increase sales agent’s productivity with familiar, intuitive user friendly interface and customization capabilities.
  • Create new activities for existing entities in CRM.
  • Develop user teams from multiple departments for managing information and assigned roles.
  • Audit changes to business data. Automatic Notifications.
  • Access and role-based permissions for customers and related information categories.
Improve customer service
  • Track and quantify organizational performance, business, operational, and support departments, teams and people.
  • Use graphical views to immediately break down key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Increase agent productivity with familiar, intuitive user interface and customization capabilities.
  • Import and export in real-time data in Microsoft Office Excel format.
  • Use the available integrated reports or customize new reports with the Report Assistant.
Quickly resolve support cases
  • Reach faster on generic cases with access to complete data about assistance and support cases and customers involved
  • Use assisted business processes and script-based dialogs to deliver fast, consistent and accurate service
  • Manage cases from individual or team lists, configurable and easy to use.
  • Customize data view, dashboards and navigation; set the preferences for each user or workstation.
  • Manage cases in a flexible way to ensure customer comfort and satisfaction.
Simplify contract management
  • Simplify contract management to develop or review custom customer contracts.
  • Use workflows to generate activities to help agencies consistently deliver top-level services.
  • Customer Perspective that allows you to act quickly to help agents conclude more service and support contracts.
  • Provide real time access agents with data on service eligibility for each client.
Get the right information at the right time
  • Increase resolution of cases from first contact with the knowledge base.
  • Accelerate case resolution by simplifying the process of finding information with familiar work tools.
  • Avoid repeated efforts using the knowledge base and collaboration between departments.
  • Use familiar graphical tools for tracking and monitoring streams.
Integrate Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Send notifications and alerts via mobile devices.
  • Manage and update appointments and reservations.
  • Access and send your CRM customer service data through any Internet-connected device.
  • Flexible configuration for mobile devices.
Simplify programming your services with all the necessary resources
  • Schedule services and resources to deliver effective service to customers.
  • Save time with simple, familiar programming tools.
  • Stay connected with your teams through a centralized view of service calendars and resources.
  • Use familiar tools to configure and manage recurring bookings in CRM.
Develop processes that facilitate a collaborative and integrated organization
  • Save time and money by simplifying options based on the type of question or any custom entity.
  • Automatically assign activities to certain agents or teams; Define roles and security views.
  • Generate approval streams and pass them through automatic escalation to higher levels, according to rules defined in the system, to direct cases to the right person.
  • Get quality and consistency with flexible, easy-to-set workflows.
  • Customize your workflow with “point and click” tools.

CRESCENDO’s team will help you to set up the Customer Care processes, customer service and support, and the CRM platform in line with industry best practice practices. Through our team of specialists we provide business consulting, process analysis as well as specialized services for implementing and integrating the solution with the entire information environment existing in the organization.