HP - Hewlett Packard - strategic partner - CRESCENDO
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Hewlett Packard


  • HP Accredited Systems Engineer
  • HP Accredited Integration Specialist
  • HP Accredited Sales Consultant
  • HP Accredited Presales Consultant
  • HP Master Accredited Systems Engineer
  • HP Accredited Platform Specialist
  • HP Certified Systems Administrator
  • HP Certified Systems Engineer

The partnership with Hewlett Packard, the largest technology company in the world, started more than a decade ago, during which CRESCENDO team has accumulated a wide and unmatched experience in the implementation of HP hardware and software solutions.


As an HP Preferred Partner and HP Software Gold Business Partner (the highest levels of trust offered by HP for selling software and hardware solutions), we have the necessary experience and certifications to ensure access to the most advanced technology and a clear long-term return of investment. Over the years we have developed a very good working relationship with HP, so that you get the perfect solution, at the right price, according to your request.


Our specialists’ knowledge enable them to design and implement solutions tailored to meet the needs of companies operating in different industries so that you get high quality planning, development, maintenance and support services.

With our capabilities that can be transfered from one solution to another and our experience acquired in time, our engineers and consultants cover the wide range of HP Hardware and HP Software portfolio, in vertical markets such as Industry, Financial Services, Telecom, Utilities, Public Institutions.


HP Hardware Specializations obtained by our team, available exclusively to HP Preferred Partner, are a further proof that our team has the highest level of expertise in certain areas such as: HP ProLiant, HP Storage Works, business-critical servers, ProCurve products and networking solutions. These specializations also position us as the best trained and qualified business partners to sell and to ensure HP brand product quality and other services, including HP Care Pack services.


In addition, by entering into the HP – Service Integrator Program (SVI), the highest level of collaboration between HP and partners, that address only to those partners who have proven skills and ability to provide support services for HP software products, we guarantee our customers that we have the skills, infrastructure and professionalism to deliver HP software solutions consistent with the requirements of your business.


This gives you access to a comprehensive portfolio of HP solutions and services.

CRESCENDO team HP Accreditation:

  • HP Accredited Systems Engineer: We have the necessary education, experience, and credentials to create, support and integrate a complex enterprise-wide solution – including platform, operating system, storage, networking and choice components to address your business needs.
  • HP Accredited Integration Specialist: We have the necessary experience to integrate platforms, operating systems, storage and application components. Our team is at your disposal to design, support and integrate your business-specific solutions.
  • HP Accredited Sales Consultant: Our sales specialists have extensive knowledge of HP product lines so they will position and recommend HP business products and services that will deliver the right solution to your business specific requirements and needs.
  • HP Accredited Presales Consultant: We have expertise in high-end enterprise environments to create and plan enterprise-based solutions based on HP technologies.
  • HP Master Accredited Systems Engineer: Our professionals have the expertise to create, integrate and support complete solutions based on the business needs of our customers, including applications, middleware, platform, operating system, storage, networking and optional components.
  • HP Accredited Platform Specialist: We provide hardware and support in order to bring hardware to the factory level.
  • HP Certified Systems Administrator: We have the expertise to make hands-on installations, configurations, administration and support of HP solutions and / or systems in network environments. We have the capabilities to deploy and manage HP operating systems and enterprise complex solutions.
  • HP Certified Systems Engineer: We offer hands-on installation, performance optimization, management and support for HP solutions and operating systems in enterprise complex environments.