Marketing Processes Automation: Microsoft Dynamics CRM
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Marketing process automation

Marketing Processes Automation: successful marketing campaigns lie primarily in the marketing department ability for database segmentation. For an effective segmentation, companies have to establish a customer history track, to know what the selling effort was, what up-selling activities can be programmed, which customers are “numb” and what has been happening to them lately. In very few cases we meet companies that can transform a customer interaction into an opportunity to increase revenue.

When a company realizes the advantages of segmentation, the fact that company has to measure the potential and that it should base any action in relation to this potential, it means this company understands the necessity to implement a customer relationship management solution.


With Microsoft Dynamics CRM you will provide to the Marketing Department useful tools for data segmentation, with high-end features for campaign management and relevant analyses to increase programs efficiency.

Manage your data effectively
  • Import data easily and quickly from other resources into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Use predefined rules to organize and identify your data, or quickly create new rules.
  • Confirm data import status with email notifications.
  • Sort the data to remove duplicates and to lower your cost per action (CPA).
Segment the database accurately
  • Use Queries to instantly segment current or potential customers.
  • Create prospecting lists and associate them with campaigns.
  • Set up personal or public views for reuse.
  • Easily share prospects with colleagues.
  • Export multiple-order lists for bulk emails or direct email communications.
Simplify your campaign planning
  • Plan and track the activities, tasks, budgets and details of each marketing activity.
  • Create product catalogs, price lists and discounts for special offers.
  • Adapt messages and offers for prospecting lists.
  • Save time and money with reusable campaign templates.
  • Use predefined workflows to simplify processes and approvals.
  • Create web pages for marketing campaigns without the need for programming knowledge.
  • Easily create marketing plans with integrated document management capabilities.
Simplify campaign execution
  • Quickly initiate and distribute campaigns and marketing communications.
  • Track and manage all details about events and customers within a single central platform.
  • Use integrated mail merge capabilities to instantly send messages to large groups of recipients.
  • Manually or automatically assign marketing and potential clients.
  • Quickly create campaigns with the Quick Campaign Wizard.
  • Create rules to generate responses based on customer goals.
Improve response management
  • Retrieve and track centralized opportunities for marketing campaigns.
  • Retrieve and automatically rank the opportunities on the promoted websites.
  • Evaluate and assign a certain score to opportunities with predefined rules.
  • Target opportunities for the most qualified resources to monitor and capitalize on them.
  • Increase conversion rate of responses in opportunities.
Simplify tracking your potential customers
  • Get better sales coordination by tracking potential customers in one centralized system.
  • Assign or automatically evaluate potential customers based on predefined workflows.
  • Instantly highlight the most promising potential customers with conditional formatting.
  • Use assisted dialogs to simplify the process of qualifying potential customers.
  • Ensure that marketing staff processes the most recent potential customers with bidirectional data synchronization with Excel.
Expand the value with Microsoft Office
  • Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM within Microsoft Office Outlook to increase productivity.
  • Find instantly the necessary information with dashboards, personal views, predefined records, and most recently used lists.
  • Remove redundant email tracking by synchronizing with Office Outlook.
  • Get a better collaboration with your colleagues with integrated Instant Messaging features.
  • Simplify mass correspondence with integrated mail merge capabilities.
  • Add Office Outlook contacts to marketing lists with just a few clicks.
Marketing Processes Automation
  • Increase productivity with personal workflows at the organization or team level.
  • Assign dynamically the activities of the most appropriate resources using the configurable rules.
  • Accelerate approvals with predefined workflows.
  • Build complex, branched streams to suit the most detailed business requirements.
  • Set up alerts and reminders for key campaign points
Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Access customer data from any device with an Internet connection anywhere, anytime.
  • Track budgets and accelerate your approval when you are out of the office.
  • Create or update your campaigns instantly.
  • Update, qualify or assign potential customers even when you are in motion.
  • Use offline reports to track the key performance indicators of your marketing activity.
Get the information you need to make decisions
  • Measure the success of your marketing activities with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Get a business perspective with flexible reports and data viewing.
  • Track key marketing objectives through the possibilities of analyzing in detail each objective.
  • Use integrated reports to track key campaign metrics.
  • Identify trends and allocate resources with advanced estimation analysis.
  • Use robust data cubes to analyze trends.

CRESCENDO Team can help you defining the your marketing process and the CRM platform according to the best practices of the industry you are activating. Through our team of specialists we provide business consulting, process analysis as well as specialized services for implementing and integrating the solution with the entire information environment existing in the organization.