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Microsoft Business Intelligence

Microsoft Business Intelligence – helps streamline business performance by facilitating making the best decisions. Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions are scalable and designed to evolve with your business.


By combining data analysis ability offered by Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Windows Server System, with the power and simplicity that Microsoft Office System brings along, organizations receive comprehensive and effective BI solutions.


This enables you to create and manage information through an integrated system that includes core business productivity features, such as collaboration tools, search capabilities, and content management. The workplace becomes highly efficient, resulting in cost savings and low total cost of ownership (TCO).


Companies have the flexibility to choose from a wide range of tools and applications. CRESCENDO, as Microsoft Partner Network, has proven expertise in implementing Microsoft Business Intelligence-based solutions.

Enables effective risk management

he value given to managers by using a Business Intelligence solution is given by risk monitoring and management of those risks that may threaten company’s strategic objectives. Also, the value is given by the possibility of eliminating financial losses when managers know the factors which generate them.

Unique architecture for analysis, applications and reporting

Through careful control of user’s rights, organizations can provide ad-hoc analyses to key managers, printed reports to remote users, dashboard metrics to executive managers, and also analytic applications to middle managers.

Integrate all the data for analysis

BI solutions integrate all data for analysis, from standard relational data, text exports, Microsoft Excel data, to XML flows. Whether the data are stored in data warehouse or operational systems, they are always available for use in BI applications.

Low TCO (total cost of ownership)

Does not requires big investments in hardware, training for users is very short. All give a very low TCO, which usually recovers in the first months of use.