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QlikView facilitates monitoring, structuring and analyzing massive amounts of data relevant to business processes, regardless of company size or business domain.


Therefore, QlikView is the ideal solution to optimize decision making in various fields, such as sales, marketing, supply and management, finance, human resources, manufacturing, public administration or IT.


The powerful QlikView analysis engine uses the original technology AQL (Associative Query Logic), which allows connection to any data source (ERP, CRM, Microsoft Excel, logos, CSV files), thus resulting in the unification of all the “islands of information” generated by the multitude of applications used in a company.


QlikView offers customized dashboards and the results can be printed as reports, saved as PDF files, sent to Microsoft Excel or other Microsoft Office Applications.

QIX engine

QlikView 12 is now running on the second-generation QIX engine. This means improved performance and easier sharing of data models (.qvd files) between QlikView and Qlik Sense.


With QlikView 12, we achieve the highest level of security requirements for companies and governmental or military organizations. The application has the best security practices and cryptographic standards in the industry.


All features available in QlikView are accessible on touch devices without limitations, including exploration, collaboration and creative capabilities. Hybrid device users can switch between mouse, pen and touch input without having to manually update the application.

Qlik DataMarket

Qlik DataMarket allows users to integrate external factors that influence or affect the business (eg weather, currency, demographics, economic indicators, etc.) in internal analyzes. Qlik DataMarket is available as a direct service in QlikView.

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