Sales Business Process Automation: Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Crescendo
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Sales Business Process Automation

Increase sales productivity and automate specific processes using the features available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Microsoft Dynamics CRM addresses all aspects of the transition to an organized sales process that ensures a higher percentage of transactions completed in a shorter time, increasing customer loyalty to the products and services your company offers, helping you at the same time, to get a unitary picture of the entire lifecycle of customer relationship.

Improve sales planning and management
  • Set up territories and allocate teams for an efficient organization.
  • Create price lists, discount lists and groups to speed up the sales process.
  • Publish the Best Practices and Tips in the Resource Center.
  • Use role-based and group-based system permissions for easy and secure information distribution.
Simplify and optimize your customer management
  • Track all activities and interactions for each contact person and for each account / client / business partner.
  • Identify the influential people, members and key points for each company.
  • Quickly identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with the analytical reports form the CRM.
  • Automatically track data and contract renewal details.
  • Better understand complex organizational structures by tracking subordination relationships.
Leads management
  • Fully synchronization with the marketing department by tracking potential customers and leads generated by marketing activities in a single centralized system.
  • Automatically associate email with potential customers or relevant opportunities.
  • Automatically assign tasks and potential customers, based on predefined rules, to sales team members.
  • Quickly highlight the most promising potential customers.
  • Use assisted dialogs to simplify the lead qualification process.
  • Optimize lead qualification and its conversion to future business opportunities and contracts.
  • Instantly segment the customer database to identify new potential customers.
Manage opportunities efficiently
  • Quickly conclude contracts by centrally tracking key business information.
  • Enhance sales at the sales representative, territory, sales team and aggregated to company level.
  • Create and monitor custom offers and pricing for each opportunity.
  • Position yourself better in terms of competition by easily monitoring your competitors (especially analyzing competitors to whom you are winning or losing opportunities repeatedly).
  • Identify more effectively and take advantage of extended relationships (influential, consultants) in the sales process.
  • Simplify bidding with integrated document management capabilities.
  • Use predefined workflows in order to establish consistent sales processes at company level.
  • Track generated revenue by the specific features for orders and invoices follow-up.
Increase sales teams productivity 
  • Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM from Microsoft Office Outlook.
  • Find the necessary information instantly with review tables, personal views, proof records, and “Most Recently Used” lists.
  • Improve team communication and collaboration through native integration with all Microsoft Office products.
  • Easily transfer contacts and e-mail messages from Office Outlook into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Remove routine or redundant activities with data import and duplication functionality.
  • Make sure your sales staff processes the latest data by synchronizing them between Microsoft Office Excel and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Strengthen the management process
  • Easily track the opportunities (sales pipeline) for optimized financial planning and a coherent analysis of the expected cash-flow.
  • Use individual or team estimates to increase the accuracy of your income estimates.
  • Track income targets by date, tax periods, or other predefined criteria. Set sales targets at the individual and sales team and analyze in real time the results obtained versus the set goals.
  • Identify the key trends for winning or losing business and optimize your sales process.
Simplify processes and workflows
  • Improve productivity with personal, team and organization level workflows.
  • Take advantage of assisted dialogue within the sales department to reduce time for: training, lead qualification and identification and management of sales opportunities.
  • Create or automatically assign activities and tasks to trigger rules.
  • Automate the approval process (simple or multi-level) using predefined workflows.
  • Automate the distribution of potential customers, leads, and business opportunities at team or individual level, based on a set of predefined criteria in the system
  • Set up alerts and escalation levels for critical events in your business.
  • Define and apply consistent sales processes at company level.
Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Support sales force with real-time access to customer data and opportunities from any device connected to the Internet.
  • Get ready in real time for meeting with customers through account details.
  • Respond quickly to customer requests when you are in motion.
  • Continually process your details by upgrading and uninterrupted take-up of potential customers.
  • Discover new up-sell and cross-sell sales opportunities on the spot.
Get visibility on the organization’s results and improve decision-making process
  • Get full insight into your business using flexible analysis tables and relevant KPI’s (dashboard) updated in real-time.
  • Use integrated sales reports to perform detailed analyzes without IT team support.
  • Use robust data cubes to analyze trends.
  • Use forecasting analytics to identify optimal sales scenarios.
  • Take advantage of the Report Wizard to create your own reports.

CRESCENDO Team can help you defining the your sales process and the CRM platform according to the best practices of the industry you are activating. Through our team of specialists we provide business consulting, process analysis as well as specialized services for implementing and integrating the solution with the entire information environment existing in the organization.