BEST in IT 2009 - Crescendo
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BEST in IT 2009

BEST in IT 2009

CLUB IT & C magazine accorded during a festivity the “BEST in IT 2009” awards to major IT & C companies and personalities. CRESCENDO received the distinction: Best Partners.

“We follow closely the evolution of the IT & C market in Romania in our effort to make CLUB IT & C a publication that highlights the trends, developments, characteristics and traditions of this field in our country. That is why we appreciated as appropriate to organize an event that we plan to become traditional, in which we present the performances of the IT industry in 2009, but to highlight the Romanian computer science “, declared the organizers. “Despite the crisis, there were also positive things, reflecting the highly dynamic character of the IT world, an important vector of the society development, including the Romanian one. We have recorded the positive financial results of some companies, important projects, successful implementations, regional developments, by opening centers where dozens of specialists were hired in Cluj, Iasi or Brasov. All of these we believe deserve to be highlighted, especially under the current conditions. ”

“We also thought it would be appropriate to remember the IT industry pioneers in Romania. There are 20 years since the IT market (the first companies were founded in 1990), but the Romanian computer science has a long and successful tradition, highly qualified specialists of high value, many of them being among those who started this business in Romania “.

“Last but not least, we thought about CLUB IT & C’s partners, without the support of which it would not have been possible to continue our work in the situation we are all going through. They are IT market leaders and communication specialists from major companies, many of them young, who have understood the importance of promoting the image of companies that want to be known and appreciated on the market. Certainly visibility is added value. Thank you “. (…)

Club IT & C supports professionals in this field by providing information, news, expert reviews, analyzes.

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