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QAD solutions are designed for car makers

QAD solutions are designed for car makers

In the global automotive industry, production is on the rise. According to LMC Automotive, the industry will increase over 20 million vehicles in the coming years, while other estimates indicate between 3.4 and 5 percent per year.

With increased production, more and more attention is paid to cost and compliance issues. Perhaps the most important thing is that more emphasis is placed on customer satisfaction as they demand more options and products of superior quality. Withdrawals from sales and criticism of poor quality products are a reflection of OEMs and this quality sensitivity is passed directly to you, your car supplier.

The success of a manufacturer in a growing automotive industry depends heavily on using an enterprise resource planning solution (ERP) – a solution that can be developed and adapted to your business developments QAD Cloud ERP and QAD Enterprise Applications for Local deployments are designed for car manufacturers.


QAD is dedicated to providing global manufacturers with products and services that strengthen their enterprise and add bottom-line business value. Our combined focus on manufacturing and global automotive industry standards ensures that QAD understands, better than any other enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendor, the global challenges and opportunities manufacturers in the automotive sector face. QAD Enterprise Applications provide critically needed visibility into business operations, enabling manufacturers to make more informed decisions and react quickly to changing market demands. QAD’s exclusive ERP focus on manufacturing allows customers to concentrate their resources on business, not on maintaining enterprise software.

Delivering the Power of Simplicity to Automotive Companies This complete suite of integrated applications addresses the needs of multi-national companies, and is designed to streamline the management of manufacturers’ operations, supply chain, financials, customers, technology, and business performance. QAD Enterprise Applications features and functions include:

The Benefits of a Vertical Focus
With QAD, automotive suppliers have the tools and information to react to changing market pressures and work faster and smarter with more precision throughout their value chain. Designed for single- or multi-site operations, QAD Enterprise Applications address the needs of automotive companies in more than 90 countries, and support 27 languages and multiple currencies.

QAD Enterprise Applications and QAD Global Services professionals assist automotive compa-nies in achieving Materials Management Operations Guidelines/Logistics Evaluation (MMOG/LE) compliance. Embraced by many OEMs, MMOG/LE is a recognized global industry standard for materials management and logistics performance. This versatile, supplier assessment process helps suppliers identify gaps in materials and logistics processes and better target continuous improvement opportunities. Compliance with MMOG/LE helps suppliers reduce line stoppages, rework, logistics incidents, premium freight expenses, obsolete material, inventory carrying costs and data entry time; improve operational and delivery performance; and enhance participation in the automotive industry.

Preconfigured with Automotive Best Practice Model
QAD provides automotive-specific Process Maps, based on MMOG/LE compliance requirements. QAD automotive Process Maps enable users to navigate through graphical views of a company’s business model before drilling down into specific workflows and processes, including operational metrics, compliance checkpoints, training, and work instructions (over 230), and provide direct access to QAD Enterprise Applications software to facilitate better user performance and the adoption of MMOG/LE best practices.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
A significant requirement in today’s global automotive industry is supply chain connectivity. QAD provides fully integrated customer and supplier inbound and outbound EDI communication. QAD EDI and web offerings help automotive companies to achieve 100 percent connectivity. QAD Global Services can assist automotive companies with managing the complexitiesof implementing EDI through QAD Application Managed Services.

Repetitive Manufacturing
Automotive suppliers that have repetitive manufacturing processes and products need to simplify the management of customer schedules and reporting production. QAD Enterprise Applications automate order creation and operation-level reporting of production, scrap and reject counts, and component consumption. Single-transaction floor reporting automatically consumes labor costs, moves the material to finished goods, and provides full financial integration, eliminating many redundant activities.

Material Control within the Plant and the Supply Chain
QAD Enterprise Applications support coordination of the entire supply chain, meeting customer demand with production and supplier delivery schedules. QAD provides capabilities to address common automotive practices such as standard pack sizing, ship delivery patterns, and cumulative requirements tracking and adjustments.

Lot and Serial Number Tracking from the Supplier to the Customer
QAD provides support for uniquely identifying and tracking all phases of the production cycle. Lot identifiers, from suppliers, can come through receiving and stocking and be tied directly to production orders. All associated lot information including material at outside suppliers, is tied to a production order, linked to finished products as they are completed and, included on the Advance Shipping Notice (ASN).

Lean Manufacturing Capabilities
QAD provides the ability to establish Kanban loops, set replenishment authorizations and communicate the Kanban’s current status throughout the supply chain. QAD Lean Workbenches provide simulations for sizing inventory buffers, establishing loop size, analyzing product mix, and developing a level schedule at pacemaker process. Kanban fill/consume transactions are made with a single scan. Loops are supported between operations, super-markets, inter-plant and supplier. This allows organizations to use Kanban for execution and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) for long- term planning.

Supply Chain Planning and Execution
QAD Supply Chain planning and execution facilitates visibility of forecasted demand and schedules to suppliers to meet production schedules including Kanban replenishment and Vendor Managed Inventory. Material is tracked including international shipments from ASN to delivery.

Shared Service Processes
QAD Enterprise Financials provide centralized processing for multiple manufacturing plants/ divisions, to reduce Selling, General and Administrative (SG&A) expenses and provide a higher degree of financial and cash management control. QAD provides the ability to manage internationalization requirements including financial currency and localized reporting requirements; this is especially important for companies who are global or considering expanding into emerging markets such Brazil and China.

Pre-production and Program Control
Managing quality in all phases of operations from planning to production is critical for global suppliers. With support for advanced quality product planning (APQP), product part approval processing (PPAP), engineering changes, inspection processing and preventative maintenance calibration management, QAD supports automotive companies in streamlining these processes as well as meeting ISO/TS 16949 compliance standards.

Enterprise Asset Management
QAD Enterprise Asset Management manages the entire capital assets life cycle from planning and installation to preventative maintenance and repair.

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