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Case studies – Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM at Banca Transilvania

Banca Transilvania has increased by 30% telesales business productivity after implementing Dynamics CRM, integrated into the existing Call Center based on Siemens technology. Other benefits include reducing by 75% of activation time of the Internet Banking service, increased productivity by exclusion of manual activities, and ability to collect data and information about potential bank customers and generate leads for sales team, to the final benefit: the general increase in the level of satisfaction of bank customers.

Unified communication solution at PROCREDIT BANK

Financial organizations today must cope with an increasing number of challenges, given the increasingly fierce competition in the market and the increasingly sophisticated demands of customers, but also the trend of shrinking profit margins. To meet these constraints, the main objective besides ensuring existing customers loyalty was to win new customers. Bank’s IT specialists have analyzed the market offers for several months. Then, they chose the integrated solution Cisco Unified Contact Center & Microsoft Dynamics CRM, offered by CRESCENDO.