Unified Communication Solution at ProCredit Bank: Crescendo
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Unified Communication Solution at ProCredit Bank

Unified Communication Solution at ProCredit Bank

Financial organizations today must cope with an increasing number of challenges, given the increasingly fierce competition in the market and the increasingly sophisticated demands of customers, but also the trend of shrinking profit margins. To meet these constraints, the main objective besides ensuring existing customers loyalty was to win new customers.

Initial situation:

ProCredit Bank is a development-oriented bank whose mission is to provide excellent services and a wide range of banking products to customers. In order to better meet the growing demands from customers, the bank’s management acknowledged that the Call Center department should be strengthened and the scope of activities should be extended. One of the critical issues of the Call Center was that all operators had to know the exact history of interactions with each of the applicants so to successfully meet clients’ requirements. It was clear that only a powerful, dedicated and personalized CRM solution would help ProCredit Bank to achieve its goals.


Bank’s IT specialists have analyzed the market offers for several months. Then, they chose the integrated solution Cisco Unified Contact Center & Microsoft Dynamics CRM, offered by CRESCENDO.

ProCredit Bank needed a secure and reliable infrastructure, a Contact Center solution for call management, which could be integrated with a software application for customer relationship management. CRESCENDO offered us a powerful and flexible solution. Thus, we can meet our customers’ needs while managing more effectively the internal resources”, Executive Director of Banking Department to ProCredit Bank Ilinca Rosetti says.


Integrating the two solutions can be considered an obvious example of “best practice” on the Romanian Call Center and Banking Contact Center market.

The advantages following the implementation were major especially in relation to:

Getting a clearer and more consistent view on customers:

  • Record interactions via e-mail, telephone, and data from databases, all integrated, can provide a unique, global perspective on client, a 360 degree view of him
  • Integrated history of all forms of interaction helps to better understand the customer and his needs, while building stronger business relationships
  • Providing immediate access to the data/preferences of calling customer in order to faster and more efficiently respond to his demands
  • Increasing revenues with additional capacity to focus on its core activities of banking. Thanks to some easy to use instruments, customer wanted that operators be able to collect, analyze and transmit valuable information to the marketing department and to other departments in order to successfully complete their contracts.

Collection of useful information, not just data:

  • The means of collecting information determines a perspective upon customer which enriches with every further action
  • Analysis of customers’ calls provide useful feedback to training staff and management
  • The reports provide managers with the necessary information updates at the right time

Efficiency in sales and support for existing and potential clients:

  • Real-time access to information allows quick responses and transaction completion
  • Flexibility to routing enables calling the nearest location
  • In the future, any problems caused by operators shifts and by traffic congestion will be solved by automatically routing calls, if needed, so that no request will go unanswered

Increased efficiency in the use of bank resources:

  • Smart lists and tools provided by the chosen solution support efficient reporting, sales, marketing and customer service efforts
  • A single source for data entry and display eliminates duplication of redundant information
  • Displaying of data and applications in the desirable way offers all the information needed for different types of analysis, which is the basis for decisions.

Providing on-demand marketing campaigns

About ProCredit Bank

ProCredit Bank is a development-oriented full-service bank whose mission is to offer excellent customer service and a wide range of banking products. In its credit operations, ProCredit Bank focuses on lending to micro, small and medium sized enterprises, as it is convinced that these businesses create the largest number of jobs and make a vital contribution to the economies in which they operate.

Unlike other banks, ProCredit Bank does not promote consumer loans. Instead, the bank focuses on responsible banking activities, as it cultivates a culture of savings and long-term partnerships with its customers.

ProCredit Bank supports its customers’ businesses in the most efficient way, at the bank’s international standards. As a bank with a wide range of products and services, ProCredit Bank offers to its customers – individuals and legal entities – several options for deposits and investments on favorable terms.

In Romania, ProCredit Bank has been founded in 2002 and represents the result of a partnership between renowned financial international institutions, such as EBRD, IFC – a member of the World Bank Group, Commerzbank, DEG, ProCredit Holding (German investment company) and IPC. This unique shareholder structure ensures a stabile and prudent management and a dynamic evolution of ProCredit Bank on the Romanian market.


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