DNA - digital architecture and single control point for the intuitive network
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The answer to the problems faced by companies in the new era of digital transformation is the intuitive network that learns continuously and can protect your business in real time.


The traditional network can not keep up and offer solutions to current issues and especially to their starting rhythm, and the solution is to migrate to an open and programmable digital network architecture that can centrally monitor the number of devices that grow exponentially in your organization.


Cisco DNA is the answer to all these current challenges. Developed for security, mobility, IOT and Cloud, Cisco DNA will help you reduce costs, save time, and maximize resources.

Cisco DNA embraces advanced technologies such as Identity Services Engine (ISE), Stealthwatch, or Dynamics App – which respond to current questions in the event of a security breach:

Where and how the security breach took place?

Who is infected?

How do you limit the spread and what measures you need to take?

The solution proposed by Crescendo is a “mix” of Cisco technologies:
Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) and Cisco Stealthwatch.

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)


With Cisco ISE, an organization manages who, when, with what device it can connect to the network and what resources it can access. It is the central component of Cisco’s security architecture and the foundation needed to ensure visibility. ISE reduces operational effort by centralizing and automating the application of access rules; any inaccuracies are detected quickly, and access attempts are blocked without the need for administrator intervention. With ISE, you can manage all network traffic: wired or wireless including VPN traffic, and you can apply differentiated access policies to user categories (internals or “guest”), device types, or locations.



Stealthwatch is the component that ensures network visibility. The solution sees, analyzes and reports, detects malicious components even in encrypted traffic with ETA (Encrypted Traffic Analytics).


The application identifies common traffic patterns, detects abnormal behaviors, and alerts you to potential risk factors.

The strengths of the Cisco solution are:


It adapts to any infrastructure model


Quickly integrates new network components and device types

extended visibility

The main benefit in the GDPR context


The main benefit is the much shorter detection and threat response time. With Stealthwatch you can identify all network threats in real time and in the context of GDPR, you can demonstrate compliance with the required security standards.


CRESCENDO offers companies the opportunity to purchase the two solutions through the Cisco One licensing model, which includes full predefined offers and flexible choice.

Why Cisco One?

Reduces the effort of acquisition, development and integration

If you only need two components in the package, it is more convenient to buy the whole package

Ensures access to the latest features

That you can turn it on when you need it

Simplify maintenance processes

And it protects your investment at upgrade

CRESCENDO has the expertise and skills to help you translate these advantages into real benefits. Our specialists are constantly working with Cisco to test and implement new technologies. Thus, we can provide you with not only tested and validated architecture solutions in the market, but also full service and support throughout the implementation and exploitation period.