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The most famous ride-sharing company paid $ 100,000 to recover stolen data, and last summer one of the largest factories in Romania broke down its activity for two days due to a Ransomware attack. Malware, Ransomware, Denial of Service have become the current reality terms that organizations can no longer ignore without taking on increasing risks. Because the rule is simple: adapt to change or pay.


The situation is getting more and more complicated because it is not just about threats and attacks. We live in a new era in which the number of connected mobile devices far exceeds the number of people and we need to respond promptly or in real time to all requirements. Equally, customers and employees want more services and features that they can access quickly when they want, wherever they want, and on any device.



Denial of Service

In the last several months, all companies have the issue of securing their personal data and aligning themselves with GDPR regulations, but they are struggling with the lack of security, Cloud and Networking specialists. We are evolving into a digital economy where access to services is more important than property and we are moving faster towards pay-as-you-go (Pay per use, etc.) models. We are forced by the need to control costs, to be flexible, and to always know everything that has happened, where we have to intervene and with what costs.


And the only solution that companies have at their service is … the technology.


Because when you want to know who and where to access your company data, you need a solution able to identify each user and block it if he is not authorized to do it or if the equipment he uses is compromised. High response speed and productivity require a scalable, secure, intuitive network, and an optimized network platform to support the mobility of mobile devices, IOT devices and Cloud services.

Integrated technologies with centralized management.
Payment of subscription-based services with the option of adding functionality when needed.
Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)

Cisco Stealthwatch

Cisco ONE

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), Cisco Stealhwatch and Cisco ONE “Packages” are some of the solutions that CRESCENDO specialists uses to solve such stringent needs. They are part of Cisco’s solutions portfolio that CRESCENDO has been implementing in Romania for over 16 years. And he does it successfully. In 2011, Crescendo was awarded as Cisco Data Center Partner of the Year, in 2012 was the first Cisco Cloud Builder certified company in Romania, and in 2016 it became Cisco Gold Partner. And the list of specializations expands year after year.


At CRESCENDO we have not only certifications but also many Cisco projects and solutions implemented in banks, insurance companies, multinational groups in the Oil & Gas field, educational institutions, airport authorities, power plants, etc. And that’s because we are a technology-promoting company and value our skills and expertise to deliver professional services and solutions to the benefit of our customers.

What other recommendations do we have in addition? The experience of 25 years accumulated on the Romanian market, during which we confirmed that we are a reliable partner.


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