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CRESCENDO, partner of the academic environment

CRESCENDO, partner of the academic environment

On September 20-21, CRESCENDO was the partner of Didactica Magna, Minima Moralia, a scientific event organized at the beginning of each academic year, attended by professors and researchers from prestigious universities and institutions from Bucharest and the country whose main concern is training and professional development of future teachers. The host of this year was the National Defense University “Carol I”.

“The education process is becoming more and more complex due to the rapid dynamics of socio-economic changes, which is a demand for a paradigm shift in education in Romania. Today, we are looking for appropriate solutions to move from a knowledge-based, teacher-centered, to an education system based on student-centered, competencies, critical thinking and and public empowerment,” the organizers said. Thus, the convocation organized by the Department for the Training of the Didactic Staff of the National Defense University “Carol I” addressed these essential and topical issues of the higher education.

As a partner and speaker of the event, Marius Turlea (CRESCENDO) focused on the importance of introducing and increasing the use of information technology in the teaching / learning process in university education and beyond. Crescendo, thanks to the experience gained in the implementation of the projects, provides the universities with the know-how and the appropriate solutions for the development of a collaborative platform, allowing the actors involved in the educational system (teachers, pupils, parents and various communities) to participate effectively in the development of a knowledge-based society.

The proposed platform offers support for teaching, learning, testing, evaluation and content management and can be tailored to meet the requirements of any university and is based on 3 latest generation Microsoft products:

  • SharePoint – portal and collaboration sites that support eLearning solutions
  • Exchange – messaging and collaboration
  • Office Communications Server (OCS) – instant messaging, audio and video conferencing, desktop sharing and collaboration on documents.

Through a live demo, Marius Turlea has demonstrated how this trio (SharePoint, Exchange and OCS) facilitates virtual meetings, provides access to communication and collaboration from anywhere, anytime, with anyone, removing communication barriers and allowing students, teachers and parents to communicate faster and more effectively.

The main potential benefits gained from the adoption of the solution and highlighted during the presentation were:

  • Students and teachers will have access to a wider range of educational resources inside and outside the school environment. (lessons, online tests, scheduling, announcements, etc.).
  • Teachers will have at their disposal specially designed software tools as additional resource for class time. Teachers will be able to personalize or create new educational resources.
  • Parents will have access to the appropriate tools to support and get involved in the educational experience of their children.
  • Facilitate collaboration between all the actors involved in the educational system (teachers, students, parents and various communities): e-mail, discussion and chat forums, audio and video conferencing, desktop sharing, applications and presentations.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner – Academic Reseller, CRESCENDO provides universities and institutions in the education system with over 17 years of experience in implementing integrated solutions, a team of Microsoft certified professionals and a vast portfolio of solutions that cover most of the needs specific to the academic environment.

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