Increased productivity at Generali through IT technology
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Increased productivity at Generali through IT technology

Increased productivity at Generali through IT technology

Bucharest, May 7, 2012 – CRESCENDO, the IT & C solution house, announces the completion of the implementation project within Generali Romania of a collaborative solution based on the Microsoft Exchange technology, based on the reorganization of the IT infrastructure of the company. The project involved the migration of over 1,000 accounts to Exchange and the integration of over 130 BlackBerry mobile users and was implemented by CRESCENDO specialists along with the IT Generali team.

Generali Romania, a member of the Generali Group, has used for a long time an email solution managed externally. To simplify administration and usage, but also to reduce costs, Generali Romania has decided to adopt Microsoft Exchange. “The bids received showed that, with comparable trading conditions, the costs of licensing and adopting the Microsoft Exchange solution were the most advantageous for our organization,” said Narcis Mircea, IT Infrastructure Manager, Generali Romania.

Following the project, Generali Romania benefits from reducing the time of entry into production of a new employee, increasing employee mobility through web access from anywhere and from any device, and simplifying the use and management of the solution; all this under the conditions of reduced administration and support costs. “By internalizing the service and using Microsoft Exchange, the whole process of activating a new user – email and BlackBerry – lasts only 2 hours from 5 days, the previous time. In addition, the sales team now has the mobility to support customers, from anywhere and any device. All this translates into time and money savings”, completes Narcis Mircea.

To implement the solution, Generali Romania chose CRESCENDO, an IT & C integrator with experience in multi-technology projects, including Microsoft. “We are glad that we have achieved the performance targets imposed by Generali, including the completion of the project in a record three-week period. We remain alongside our partner Generali to provide him with all the necessary support both for the existing infrastructure and for the next projects,” says Marius Turlea, Business Unit Manager, Business Productivity Solutions in CRESCENDO.

About Generali

Generali Romania is a member of Generali Group one of the leading providers of insurance services and a leader in the life insurance segment in Europe, with premiums income of over € 69 billion in 2011. Generali is one of the world’s largest asset managers, over € 460bn in 2011, and a real estate developer who owns nearly € 27bn of property in the portfolio. With 82,000 employees worldwide, 70 million customers in 60 countries, the Group occupies leading positions in the markets of Western Europe and key positions in Central and Eastern Europe as well as in Asia. In Romania, Generali ranks fourth, after the gross premiums written in 2011 on life insurance, and ranked No. 7 in the top non-life insurers.


CRESCENDO, the IT & C solutions house, delivers applications, infrastructure solutions, and personalized integration services that make organizations get the most out of business information. CRESCENDO solution house customers save effort and resources, finding the same contact point for the implementation of new IT & C solutions and their integration with the existing ones. In terms of partnerships with industry leaders, skills and experience gained over time, CRESCENDO offers its customers the freedom to choose the solution that best fits their business objectives and integrates optimally into the existing architecture.


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