Rompetrol chooses VCE Vblock System as the basis for IT infrastructure
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KMG International, formerly called Rompetrol, chooses VCE Vblock ™ System as the basis for IT infrastructure

KMG International, formerly called Rompetrol, chooses VCE Vblock ™ System as the basis for IT infrastructure

Bucharest, July 15, 2014: VCE, the gobal leader in convergence and cloud infrastructure systems, announces that KMG International, formerly known as Rompetrol, one of the most well known oil companies in Romania, extends the current IT infrastructure with Vblock ™ System 340. The objective of the investment is to provide the capability and scalability needed to support the company’s expectations in terms of increasing data volume, running new projects, and improving performance, security and functionality.

KMG International will run multiple critical applications on the new VCE convergence infrastructure, including Microsoft Exchange, Group Business Intelligence, Terminal Automation System, and CRM. Vblock ™ System 340 will also support the expansion of the SAP implementation project into other entity entities and Rompetrol’s operational continuity policy by creating new IT disaster recovery strategies and processes.

Over the past 3 years, Rompetrol has implemented, in virtualized environments, a number of critical business applications. On the previous IT infrastructure, technical analyzes have shown limitations on storage capacity, reduced use of processing power and memory, and increased response times. I understand that a complete transformation of the IT environment is needed to achieve business goals and manage the exponential growth of data volume, but also to eliminate any potential risks of disruption. We have convinced that technology refurbishment is a more efficient investment in the long run than investing in maintaining and maintaining the current platform and therefore we have decided to migrate to the new Vblock ™ System 340, “said Marcel Chiriac, KMG International CIO.

KMG International will use the new Vblock systems in a private cloud infrastructure, in order to ensure a high level of flexibility in running new projects as well as improving operational efficiency. “Migrating to the new Vblock System convergence infrastructure platform will help us deliver more IT services, better services, to transform our organization, increase flexibility, and reduce IT costs. Moreover, the project allows the effective implementation of an operational continuity policy in line with the best practices and standards existing in the industry, “ said Vlad Moca, KMG InternationalIT Operations Manager.

Increased storage capacity and performance will enable the group of companies to provide enhanced e-mail services, ensure compliance with risk management regulations, and develop a solid foundation across the organization for document management. “We are delighted to work with a visionary company such as KMG International. By simplifying IT based on Vblock System’s native integration and standardization, KMG International ensures increased business responsiveness., “said Tim Page, EVP Global Sales VCE. “Equally important is that the group of companies already benefits from simplified management, increased performance and availability offered by vBlock, facilities that will allow KMG International to focus on innovation rather than IT management.”

KMG International has run the project with support from Romtelecom Business Solutions, CRESCENDO and AVNET Technology Solutions.

Romtelecom Statement: “Romtelecom, as system integrator, supports the business of its customers by offering innovative and personalized ITC solutions to help them achieve their business goals. Together with our partners, VCE and CRESCENDO, we provide the KMG International Group with a complete Private Cloud solution that offers flexibility in implementing Rompetrol projects, reduces IT operational costs, builds business continuity and encourages collaboration within the company by improving implementation times of requests from different departments. As part of this process, we have turned to the experience gained from similar projects, as well as our data and hosting solutions expertise, thus providing an end-to-end experience,” said Ovidiu Ghiman, Commercial Executive Director -Segment Business Romania (fixed and mobile operations, Romtelecom and COSMOTE Romania).

CRESCENDO statement: “KMG International understands the significant business benefits innovation brings through technology. They began investing three years ago in a private cloud performance platform on vBlock technology. The Group continues with this approach, ensuring the availability and flexibility of business applications, while reducing operational costs. For CRESCENDO, Specialist System Integrator, it is a new opportunity to collaborate and bring value with our expertise. In addition to the integration services, support and other necessary services are added in such an environment where all technology and service providers need to work together to deliver synergy to business,” said Marius Tulea, Director General of CRESCENDO.

About KMG International

The Rompetrol Group changed its name to KMG International NV in early 2014 as part of a KazMunayGas (KMG) integration process for KazMunayGas (KMG), the national oil and gas operator of Kazakhstan and the sole shareholder of the group. With over 7,000 employees in 12 countries, KMG International is one of the most powerful groups of companies in Romania and an important player in the Black Sea and Mediterranean region. At European level, KMG International owns over 1,000 gas stations in six countries (Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, France, Spain, Georgia and Ukraine), which operates under the brands Rompetrol, Dyneff and Litro. Also, Rompetrol owns a strong oil distribution network through subsidiary companies located in France, Spain (Dyneff Group) and Switzerland (KazMunayGas Trading AG). With the acquisition of the Rompetrol Group by KazMunayGas, Kazakhstan’s national oil and gas company in 2007, Rompetrol has become an energy bridge between the natural resources available in Central Asia and Europe-wide markets. Moreover, Rompetrol offers in Kazakhstan operations of exploration, production and industrial services, the company contributing to the reconstruction of the refineries in the country.

About VCE

VCE, an association between Cisco and EMC with investments from VMware and Intel, accelerates the adoption of converged infrastructure and cloud computing that significantly reduces IT costs and improves the time of launching new products or services. VCE Vblock is the only industry convergence infrastructure system that integrates Cisco network technologies, EMC storage and data protection solutions as well as virtualization and management products for VMware virtualized environments. VCE solutions are available through an extensive network of partners and include horizontal applications, industry-level offerings, and application development environments, allowing customers to focus on business innovation rather than integrating, validating and managing IT Infrastructure.


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