CRESCENDO targets over 12 xRM projects in the MidMarket segment
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CRESCENDO targets over 12 xRM projects in the MidMarket segment

CRESCENDO targets over 12 xRM projects in the MidMarket segment

Based on the positive signals from the market, CRESCENDO develops its team and repositioning itself on the market of xRM solutions providers through a portfolio of applications tailored to medium-sized companies (MidMarket)

Bucharest, October 8, 2012 – CRESCENDO, one of Romania’s leading IT & C solutions and services integrators, estimates for the 2013 fiscal year 2013 (July 2012 – June 2013) over twelve implementations of software solutions dedicated to customer relationship management and business partners organizations in general, Microsoft Dynamics xRM (x Relationship Management) solutions that include CRM (Customer Relationship Management). These estimates are based on the upward trend recorded by the market in the last year, but also on the company’s investments in the development of the team and the portfolio of solutions.

The upward trend in the market is also predicted by Gartner’s consultancy earlier this year, which estimates that in the coming period companies need to focus their investments on CRM applications as a driver for revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

In addition, starting this spring, CRESCENDO has undergone a process of repositioning the XRM division, which aims to increase the number of projects and related revenues by addressing medium-sized companies with solutions and software applications tailored to their specifics.

“Traditionally, our company serves the Enterprise area – through its position as an integrator, for CRM applications extended to xRM, we see a high potential especially in the MidMarket segment. For this segment, where each chain link is very important, we develop personalized applications that target not only customer relationship but any commercial relationship such as distributors, dealers, franchises, consultants, contractors, etc. And customers who prefer to focus exclusively on the essence of their business, we offer these cloud solutions or software rental,” said Marius Tulea, General Manager of CRESCENDO.

For the coordination of the division, Andreea Marasescu joined CRESCENDO in the role of Business Development Manager. “I am convinced that, along with Andreea’s experience – over 16 years in the development and implementation of software applications, project management, presales and sales especially in the area of xRM and CRM, business development and management – and with the support of our traditional Microsoft partner we will achieve our goals. Our goal is to help our clients choose the solutions that best fit their needs in order to reach their business goals,” adds Marius Tulea.

CRESCENDO has been active on the market for XRM solutions since 2005 and has in its clients portfolio companies such as Banca Transilvania, Procredit Bank, Valoris Center, etc.


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