CRESCENDO - Microsoft GOLD Management & Virtualization competency
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CRESCENDO gets Microsoft GOLD Management & Virtualization competency

CRESCENDO gets Microsoft GOLD Management & Virtualization competency

Microsoft GOLD Management & Virtualization is one more certification of CRESCENDO’s unique expertise in integrating enterprise IT & C IT management and virtualization solutions.

Bucharest, July 11, 2013 – Crescendo, the IT & C Solutions Center, announces the acquisition of Microsoft GOLD Management & Virtualization competency, an expression of the certifications and expertise gained in the promotion, design and implementation of Microsoft-based administration and virtualization solutions integrated with complementary experience and competencies accumulated in multi-platform integration and multi-vendor.

The partnerships with other world-class vendors in the field of management and virtualization (Citrix, HP, VCE, Veeam, VMWare) reinforce CRESCENDO’s status of a specialized integrator with a complete portfolio.

“In the current economic environment, IT departments are under great pressure to lower costs or align with the organization’s business requirements. System Center 2012 brings an integrated management platform to companies – from managing data centers, applications, services, physical resources to help-desk and IT processes management. In addition, Windows Server 2012 features, combined with a simple licensing approach, make Microsoft Hyper-V a virtualization solution that is affordable to any business in terms of performance,” said Marius Turlea, Productivity Solutions Business Unit Manager, Crescendo.

Since the implementation of a management and / or virtualization solution implies the use of virtual machines, lack of physical space for hardware, high energy consumption, and high maintenance costs are no longer barriers for the IT manager. Implementation of the solution brings a number of important benefits to companies: reduced costs, more flexible and competitive work processes, securing information, and increasing the IT & C department’s efficiency.

Obtaining this competence is the result of sustained investments in partnerships and, implicitly, in the skills of our team. Based on the experience of integrating virtualization solutions, Crescendo has become, two years ago, the first V-Alliance partner in Romania – a global partnership between Citrix and Microsoft in virtualization. This success, complemented by the expertise gained in multiple complex projects, has contributed to the acquisition of Microsoft GOLD Management & Virtualization competence,” adds Catalina Oblu, Software Solutions Product Manager, Productivity Solutions Business Unit, Crescendo.

About Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the world leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses reach their full potential. Microsoft Romania’s mission is to increase the satisfaction of top technology partners and users, Microsoft contributing with professionalism and honesty to the development of the local IT industry by translating the corporate business model.

About Crescendo

CRESCENDO, the IT & C Solutions House, provides customized applications, infrastructure solutions, and personalized integration services to help businesses get the most out of business information. In terms of partnerships with industry leaders, skills and experience gained over time, CRESCENDO offers its customers the freedom to choose the solution best suited to their business goals.

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