MediHelp International reduces costs significantly with Microsoft cloud
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MediHelp International, in partnership with CRESCENDO, reduces costs significantly with Microsoft cloud

MediHelp International, in partnership with CRESCENDO, reduces costs significantly with Microsoft cloud

Switching to Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online meant for MediHelp International between 35% and 50% cost savings – associated with the IT infrastructure and email service.

September 10, 2014 – CRESCENDO, the IT & C Solutions House, announces the success of the MediHelp International project, which consisted of migrating to Microsoft CRM online cloud services 2013 and Microsoft Office 365.

Prior migration, MediHelp International useed earlier versions of Microsoft CRM and Microsoft Exchange solutions hosted on their own IT infrastructure and managed by external providers because the company does not have a dedicated IT department. In the absence of professional equipment, the solutions were difficult to manage, the storage and attachment space was limited, and crisis situations and / or security issues could not be proactively managed. All of this generated frequent / unpredictable interruptions in functionality and, implicitly, frustrations from MediHelp International management, which considered the costs to be relatively high and unjustified for the quality level of the services provided.

After discussing with suppliers and analyzing possible alternatives, contracting cloud computing services was the most appropriate solution for MediHelp International. Based on cost analyzes, MediHelp International has decided to switch to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, virtually the same customer relationship management solution that was previously used, but contracted through a subscription and accessed from Microsoft’s infrastructure. The same decision was made for Office 365.

As a partner for implementing the project, MediHelp International has selected CRESCENDO, an experienced IT & C integrator with GOLD-level Microsoft Partner: “The Cloud fits perfectly with MediHelp International because it takes care of IT equipment. I found it very effective not to print my offers to clients, but to access them anytime via the Internet,” said Laura Afrasine, General Manager of MediHelp International.

The project included a series of customizations for Dynamics CRM as well as integration with the MediHelp International website: “At the CRM level we focused on sales processes, but we also began to find useful features for marketing and customer support,” says Laura Afrasine. For Office 365, CRESCENDO has defined new accounts and made migration in one day, changing almost unnoticed for users.

By ensuring the functionality of CRM and email services, MediHelp International can focus on achieving its goals, namely increasing customers portfolio and assisting them, and educating the general public about the need for private health insurance with international coverage. The company benefits from flexibility in adding and removing users, depending on the dynamics of activity: “I liked this degree of control provided by Microsoft’s cloud computing services. Without being a technical person, I can easily add an user to the system, and it will become active immediately,” says Laura Afrasine.

For Dynamics CRM Online and Office 365, Microsoft guarantees an increased availability of more than 99% complemented by the support agreement concluded with CRESCENDO. Personalization and integration have been done with the contribution of CRESCENDO specialists: “We appreciate the fact that we have been selected to contribute with our expertise and skills to achieve results as our MediHelp International partner’s expectations, which by its choice prove the immediate positive impact it can have business adoption of Microsoft cloud solutions, “said Marius Tulea, CRESCENDO’s CEO.

About MediHelp International

MediHelp International, active in the market since 1999, is the leading provider of private international health insurance in Central and Eastern Europe. The company is a representative of Bupa International in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria, as well as other well-established suppliers such as Lamp Insurance. The company has a portfolio of over 5,000 clients, both individuals and companies.


CRESCENDO, the IT & C Solutions House, provides customized applications, infrastructure solutions, and personalized integration services to help businesses get the most out of business information. In terms of partnerships with industry leaders, skills and experience gained over time, CRESCENDO offers its customers the freedom to choose the solution best suited to their business goals.


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