Romanian companies have invested 10% more in cyber security
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Romanian companies have invested in cyber security 10% more than last year

Romanian companies have invested in cyber security 10% more than last year

Bucharest, June 14, 2016 – CRESCENDO, one of Romania’s leading IT & C solutions integrators and provider of cyber security solutions, estimates that companies’ investments in information security solutions have increased this year by 10% compared to the same last year. At the same time, CRESCENDO business focused on cyber security solutions increased by 20% compared to 2015.

This evolution was recorded in the context of the growing concern of companies for information security. According to a Cisco study, top managers from all industries highlight the fact that innovation is aggravated and even impeded by cyber security concerns in some cases. According to the “Information Security, Growth Factor for Companies” study, 39% of them said innovative projects were stopped from development due to the risks of cyber attacks.

Prevention of cybercrime is no longer just a technical challenge, but a business one with financial, legal and reputational implications. Information security (and its cyber security component) is becoming a subject of permanent discussion at company management level, and the IT manager’s role – from a security perspective – can no longer be seen as a business support function, but becomes a strategic one.

“Security is one of the main pillars of a business, without which the evolution of technology is not possible in terms of data protection and security. Therefore is an important part of our strategy focused on cloud along with other strategic pillars: Mobility | IoT | BI and Software Integration. We focus on technological evolution, support the innovation in terms of creativity, agility and flexibility. That’s how we can bring value to our clients’ business. By the end of the year, our company aims to grow the business in security solutions by 30%.”, said Marius Tulea, General Manager, CRESCENDO.

CRESCENDO has undertaken to inform companies in Romania of the losses they may suffer by superficial treatment of information security. Company managers need to be aware of the risks of attacks that may affect the health of their businesses and the importance of a company-level security strategy that prevents information stealing, illegal access to the company’s information system, and blocking or disrupting its operations.

For this purpose, CRESCENDO, Cisco GOLD Partner and ISO 27001: 2013 (standard for information security management), will organize the “Security is your business” event, to be held on Thursday, June 16th. The event will bring into discussion the latest trends in the cyber security solutions market in Romania, as well as the role of management in securing business.

“Information security means more than cyber security, and more than technical, antivirus and firewall settings; means assessing the situation and making the right decisions, estimating the risks and their impact on the company’s reputation. The result: protected clients and, most importantly, the growth in sustainable business conditions,” adds Marius Tulea.


CRESCENDO, the IT & C solutions house, is one of Cisco’s first Cisco certified communication and security solutions providers since 2007 – now at the highest level of certification, Gold. And through this partnership, part of its extensive portfolio of solutions, expertise and security expertise, CRESCENDO offers services that meet the specific needs of companies of all sizes.

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