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Top technology for AISB students

Top technology for AISB students

The technology implemented by Crescendo and Cisco at the American International School of Bucharest changes the students way of learning

Technology will change the way students learn – it is a strongly belief supported by the representatives of the American International School of Bucharest (AISB), an institution founded in 1962 by the US Embassy in order to meet the need for education of the American citizens from Romania. Meanwhile, the school has extended and offers educational services to a broad expats community.

“We believe that technology is a very important catalyst which has the power to transform the educational process. As a personal view, I strongly believe in the following things related to the educational process, which can be summed up in 3 attributes – the three “E”: Educate, Engage and Empower. It is very important for me to get to a point where we learn how to learn. We want to create a framework through which education becomes personalized, flexible and open, where students have a voice and can choose how to learn. We rely heavily on the process of individualized education. All these things are made through technology – and the network is the one that allows students to do this”, explained Johnson Jacob, IT Director at American International School of Bucharest

Starting from this vision, the board of the school decided last year to upgrade the network infrastructure, both wireless and wired, in order to increase the network capacity and to respond to new traffic demands, scalability, redundancy, integration, management, security and data back-up.

The process for network modernization started last year, when the educational institute invited several companies to present their offers. The competitive offer, focused on Cisco’s technologies of the future, the reputation of the American company, the professionalism and the consultancy provided by Crescendo, and the good former collaboration between Crescendo and the American School were the main ingredients that led to the new partnership.

“Because we understood the needs and, at the same time, we share the vision of the American School regarding education, we were able to propose them a totally integrated solution, based on the technologies of the future and which meets the requirements of a modern educational institution and of all of those involved in the educational process: students, teachers and parents. For Crescendo, this project is a clear example of how, together, the students need for learning and the vision of their instructors lead to technology changes, says Dan Agache, Crescendo Executive Director.

“We have a good relationship with Crescendo for a long time now. We always appreciated the mutual trust and the availability of the company’s representatives. It greatly mattered that they worked on the original solution in 2004 and the fact that they offered the best solution at a competitive price”, said Johnson Jacob.

The actual solution implemented by Crescendo involved modernizing the school’s network infrastructure.

The solution offers:

  • Network access control for students, teachers and school guests (BYOD solution, based on Cisco ISE – Identity Service Engine)
  • Simplified roaming and device mobility through Cisco Campus Solution
  • Integrated unified management application through Cisco Prime solution
  • Easy network administration with the help of Cisco Catalyst Instant Access
  • Multiple ports

“AISB is very well equipped in terms of technology. Every class has a modern technological equipment, such as smart boards, projectors and wireless speakers. We also have a wide variety of interactive devices and we offer our students individual access to laptops, or the possibility to work on their personal laptops, through the BYOD program. In addition, each of our teachers are using tablets”, said Johnson Jacob, mentioning that all these things required a network upgrade. “We aimed to increase the network capacity and the ability to integrate wireless and wired. We currently have over 1,000 devices that require network connection and the demands continues to grow. People want instant traffic, assistance, back-up support and minimum work disturbance”.

The implementation of the solution has been made last year in one and a half month, from June to mid-July. “Crescendo and Cisco offered the best solution, flawless and discrete deployment – one of the best I’ve had in my entire career”, said Johnson Jacob.

About AISB

American International School of Bucharest is one of the most appreciated private education institution in Romania. Here, currently are learning approximately 800 children, guided by 200 teachers from 13 countries. About 10% are from Romania and the rest of them are originally from USA, UK, New Zeeland, Canada, Guatemala or Mexico.

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