Integrated IT solutions at Oltchim - case study - Microsoft - CRESCENDO
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Integrated IT solutions at Oltchim

Integrated IT solutions at Oltchim

Oltchim needed a solution capable to become the foundation for business development. By the implementation conducted by CRESCENDO: Microsoft Windows Server 2003, the objectives have been achieved. In a short time, Oltchim experienced a significant productivity increase, costs reduction and more benefits for users.

Initial situation

Oltchim wanted to develop the operating system for 500 computers in order to consolidate its business as much as possible in a single system. Oltchim aimed to reduce costs and gain productivity and welfare for users.


As a Microsoft partner, CRESCENDO has developed and implemented software migration, including some OpenOffice 1.1 workstations to Microsoft Windows ServerTM 2003, part of the Microsoft Windows Server System Integrated Server Software, as well as Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003.


  • Recovering the investment in just two years;
  • Total cost of ownership decreased;
  • IT management times halved;
  • Enhanced security for applications;
  • Support for business growth in the future.

The client company

Established in 1966, Oltchim has 7,000 employees. It is one of the largest chemical manufacturers in Romania and Southeastern Europe. Oltchim sells products on global markets.

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