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CRM – Marriage request

CRM – Marriage request

If we’re talking about a mature economy, why do not we talk about “marriages” in the business environment? “Marriages” between companies … have been a lot so far, but a marriage between a company and an application has not been spoken at all, although most of the time the implementation of a new IT solution it looks a lot like a “marriage”. In the case of CRM implementations, similarity is even more visible. But what would the story look like?

Simple … it would start with a “request in marriage” thought.

The actors of such a story are just a few, but important:

“He” … a young player in a Romanian company, in the marketing department … with a fantastic evolution lately … He is a man with a will, has attended many courses to get here. At one point she realizes that she does not have a good life without CRM… but how should she be… the CRM solution.

“They”… CRM solutions in the market… some stylish solutions… some a bit expensive… some still immature…

“His parents”… the shareholders… very careful to the way the money goes… they want the best for him… but they do not want any profits… and they will be very careful about the quality of “her parents”.

“Her parents”… have dowry … outdated things … up-to-date things … They participate in all sorts of events and read about successful marriages permanently so they can establish what “she” need to be the most suitable for any contender.

Ehhh …. but marriage is not the same as in the old days. “He” knows that before going to “parents” to tell them he wants to get married, he has to prepare his homework well. Surely they will ask, “You know it’s not a good time to start a marriage? Why do you want this?” He must have the answers prepared because he has severe parents. He begins to study, more in his spare time, because during the lessons he has to do something either in the courtyard or in the field. Talk to former colleagues on courses that have gone to such a marriage somewhat earlier, but not all have success stories. He reads online as much as possible and takes part in few social events on the subject. He knows discreetly a few candidates, but without declaring his intention to start a “marriage.” Finally he writes on the paper the reasons why he needs “her”: he wants to make segmentation and loyalty programs.

He prepares intensely and goes to the “parents” for the presentation. He explained to them the advantages of segmentation, the fact that he has to measure the potential and that he should base any action in the relationship with the clients. He showed them what benefits they would have if they unified the information and whether it would reach 360 visibility. It could greatly optimize if it had a lead management process or retention process. He pointed out that they need to be more careful about the sales process and that they do not know at this time why they lose sales opportunities and how much these missed opportunities actually cost. They do not even know in favor of whom they lose. He also told them how he tried to start up-sell and cross-sell campaigns and how he was wrong because he did not know whom to address. He told them about a client of the “family” who at first sight did not seem important, but only after they lost it they realized they could have big cash on him. The CRM solution would help keep such records and make quick decisions to constantly control the good work of the “family.” Additionally, if he knew his clients better, he could be more precise in designing new products or services. He almost convinced them with the presentation, but they wanted to see how much it would cost such a marriage because they did not want to put the “family” in a delicate financial situation. He stayed with the idea that he can marry, but his wedding does not cost too much…

The next day, at “his parents” door the CRM Solutions appeared, one after the other … “They” … some well cared for, some more educated, family-renowned or more genuine, went through various presentations. The meeting room had turned into a matrimonial agency. The evaluation process is long: dissatisfied parents, “they (CRM solutions)” dissatisfied with the fact that the makeup was stretched even at the presentation, etc. “He” assesses both the quality of “her” and the quality of “future parents in law”. He had to know that he could always rely on them. At one point, even his “parents” had found a “she” (solution) through an older acquaintance. He did not like it, but he had to do a lot of work to convince them that it would be more costly if they chose their solution.

In the end they decides to choose the one who he liked most, but it seems to be quite pretentious, and in this case without the support of “his parents” he would not be able to choose her. Fortunately, his “parents” and “her parents” knew each other. In this case it was easier to make the decision, but this was only the first step, the wedding follows!

CRM Directory | Ionel Dinu | May 2009


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