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Call center services, strategic goal in banking

Call center services, strategic goal in banking

The call center market in the financial and banking sector is increasingly moving towards the “collection” area – as the debt recovery specialists call it. This activity engages a growing amount of resources at the level of lending banks and institutions, becoming the main driver of demand for call center services coming from this sector.

One of the most important channels in collection is the contact center, especially for “soft collection” (notification of clients regarding the payment of debts, exceeding payment terms, amicable debt recovery, etc.). At the same time, it is trying to continuously improve the services offered by the call center, by expanding them and quality increasing.


A new contact-center solution at Volksbank

One of the banks that has been running a project for the development of the contact center in the past year is Volksbank. An improvement in the entire communications system, from increased availability and cost optimization, along with increased bank team productivity and customer satisfaction, has been pursued.

The solution was provided and implemented by Crescendo and included three modules: Cisco IP Telephony, Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise, and the Zoom CallRec call recording solution. The new contact center enables intelligent routing of calls to the most well-known resource in the organization, wherever they are, and outbound calls by automatically calling preset client lists or all phone numbers assigned to a person and routing the call to the agent only when a human voice is recognized, supports the do not call, personal call-back, import, and dynamic campaign changes. As one of the results of the implementation of the new contact center solution, Crescendo specialists point out, the bank has raised the efficiency of the debt collection department by up to 35%.

“Contact Center solutions have become a must-have in recent years, if you want to have a real evolution in customer relationships, if you want to know what needs to be improved to gain and especially how. We found in one of the banking projects that the implementation of the concept and the tools of the contact center can make major changes in the way the bank treats its prospects and clients,” said Costel Cristea, Communications Business Unit Manager at CRESCENDO.

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