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Microsoft comes with solutions delivered from the distance

Microsoft comes with solutions delivered from the distance

Microsoft, the world’s largest software maker, today launched several solutions on the local market that allow companies to remotely access different applications without installing them on their own computers or servers, which are known as generic cloud computing.

Office 365 and Windows Intune, cloud computing solutions launched by Microsoft, allow the company to increase productivity and reduce costs for small and medium businesses. Cloud computing is a set of services, applications and data storage that is accessed by a company remote .

Cloud computing solutions save the costs of investing in servers, software licenses, technical staff for maintenance, or other monthly or yearly subscriptions. These services can be accessed via an internet connection and a web browser without other software.

The Microsoft Office 365 solution, available as a subscription, provides companies with access to an Internet browser for applications such as Outlook, Word or Excel that no longer need to be installed on a computer and licensing. Applications can also be accessed from phones or other devices connected to the Internet, including Apple or Google platforms. The solution also offers the opportunity to organize videoconferencing. “With Office 365 we offer not only a significant upgrade of services launched in 2010, but also Office Professional Plus as a monthly subscription,” said Valentina Ion, Information Worker Business Group Leader at Microsoft Romania.

The 365 beta service can be tried for free, with the subscription price not yet set for Romania. In the US, the user price starts at $ 6.

The other Microsoft-powered service, Windows Intune, provides cloud services for managing and protecting computers through a web interface, so customers can manage their workstations wherever they are, and the service is primarily targeted at SMEs.

“At the moment, Intune is testing at 80 customers, CRESCENDO being the first to implement this service,” said Tudor Galos, Windows Business Group Lead at Microsoft Romania. The monthly subscription price for a unit is 11 euro, including the license fee for the Windows 7 Professional operating system.

Article published in printed edition of Ziarului Financiar in 20.04.2011

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