Aegon Romania succeeded with Microsoft Dynamics CRM!
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Do you want to double your productivity? Technology can help you. Aegon Romania succeeded with Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

Do you want to double your productivity? Technology can help you. Aegon Romania succeeded with Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

About Aegon Romania

What is the value of a customer? Can it be measured?

In 2014, when Aegon Romania took over 20,000 Eureko Life Insurance Clients, the company’s management decided to effectively combine a customer-oriented strategy with the latest generation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM-based technology to grow the quality of the services offered. The result: Eureko customers have chosen to be Aegon customers, and the company has entered the top ten players on the Romanian market.

With 47 million customers, the Aegon Group is one of the world’s leading providers of life insurance and private pensions. Actively in Romania for more than 8 years, Aegon offers customers a “better tomorrow” and manages more than 40,000 policies, which puts it in the top 10 players in the life insurance market in the country. The service portfolio includes several types of products, ranging from traditional insurances to bancassurance, through partnerships with various financial-banking services providers. In 2014, Aegon carried out one of the most complex acquisitions in the local insurance market, by taking over the Eureko portfolio, including over 20,000 active contracts.

Initial situation

From an operational point of view, the company has a customer hub formed by two customer service centers (Customer Service Center and Operations) that manages customer relationships: a customer service center dedicated to multiple direct channel contacts and a back office that processes customer requirements outline personalized offers. For the operational unification of the two divisions, the company decided in 2014 to implement an Anything Relationship Management (xRM) developed on the Dynamics CRM platform, combining operational excellence with customer-oriented strategy.

“2014 was a special year in the history of Aegon, both by doubling the portfolio of customers following the takeover of Eureko, and by a major strategy change. In this context, the use of advanced technology in customer relationship management was needed. We wanted to get a complete picture of the client, focus exclusively on its requirements, expand the available communication channels, and increase team productivity, “explains Nicoleta Dradiciu, Operations Manager at Aegon Life Insurance.

In 2014, the company uses an internally developed CRM, focusing primarily on sales operations and less on customer interaction. This solution did not provide the necessary support for the strategy change desired by Aegon.

“We needed a system to support the new processes defined within Aegon, allowing us to provide quality support to our customers on any available communication channel. Therefore, we have searched for an integrated CRM with a Contact Center solution “, Nicoleta Dradiciu completes.

What technology do you choose for results to the highest standards?

In order to identify the most appropriate solution for achieving this goal, Aegon has reviewed several offers available from the perspective of functionality and flexibility, as well as support and existing references. Following the assessment of these indicators, Aegon chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CRESCENDO as implementing partner. An important element in choosing the solution was the compatibility between Dynamics CRM and the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express contact center, where CRESCENDO has demonstrated a high-level experience

“We are headed toward Dynamics CRM considering the quality of the solution and on the existence of a support alternative, consisting of an expanded channel of partners with available resources, both technically as well as business. We also verified a relevant reference, a similar project to Valoris, where we got information on how to work with Dynamics CRM. The project implemented at Valoris being managed by CRESCENDO, we have naturally focused on them, after checking other recommendations in the market. In the choice made, we appreciated more the references in the business environment than the price itself. Finally, we wanted a solution to help us develop our portfolio, “explains Nicoleta Dradiciu.

Therefore, after the decision was grounded in February 2014, Aegon began the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, alongside CRESCENDO partner.

Versatility as a strategic element

For Aegon, the project meant strategic reorientation at the organization level, from sales to customer support. In parallel with the CRM implementation project, the company has fundamentally changed its internal processes, focusing on ensuring the quality of customer service. This goal was to be found at the level of all the activities defined in the application.

“We have changed the whole way of thinking and we have focused exclusively on providing a better service and a more beautiful life for our clients. These objectives were the key element in business analysis and discussions with the CRESCENDO integrator team, “said Nicoleta Dradiciu.

Being a strategic project, Aegon paid special attention to the analysis phase of specific requirements and processes. Thus, the xRM project has not only meant moving to a new solution, but also the ability for each employee to evaluate and track their work, and the company adopts flexible business processes that have the customer in the spotlight.

“An important milestone was the business analysis and the outline of the solution. Both CRESCENDO and Dynamics CRM have shown high flexibility, which has allowed us to achieve a very dynamic way of working, able to change,” said Nicoleta Dradiciu.

CRESCENDO’ team has transposed the Aegon requirements into functionalities, while ensuring the installation and configuration of the solution. At the Customer Service Center level, CRESCENDO has integrated Dynamics CRM with the Cisco Unified Communications (Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unified Call Center), which allows call management from the xRM solution interface, automatic caller recognition, automatic switching, access to all information available, monitoring and selective call recording, etc. Integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Cisco Unified Communications was made by CRESCENDO using the software integration capabilities and experience gained in other projects.

“Aegon is engaged in a complex activity and the project has equally required us for creativity and technical abilities. We have succeeded in achieving a solution that integrates various technologies and more channels of interaction with the customer and enables the delivery of quality services. The Dynamics CRM – Cisco Unified Communications mix is a de facto standard for Call Center multichannel operations and the CRESCENDO team has a relevant experience in such projects, “said Cristi Radescu, Executive Director, CRESCENDO.

The solution also allowed the implementation of “Touch Point – Net Promoter Score” functionality that Aegon can take over and interpret customer feedback. In addition, the Dynamics CRM solution has been integrated with a web portal – Aegon NonStop, which provides customers with permanent access to self-service information. The portal was also developed by CRESCENDO, using Microsoft SharePoint technology.

“The Aegon Non Stop portal is integrated with the Dynamics CRM solution where it takes over customer data and a payment processor with which customers can pay online the necessary amounts. Currently, the portal has a predominant role of information, but the potential is immense,” explains Nicoleta Dradiciu.

The first component delivered in the project was the Contact Center solution, followed by Dynamics CRM, which entered production in November 2014, and the Aegon Non Stop portal was added in April 2015.


For Aegon, running the xRM project has a strategic value and was one of the basic elements in the process of taking over contracts from the Eureko portfolio. The company had managed to adapt to a portfolio of common clients with a different way of collaboration and to meet their needs without a significant increase in operational costs.

The strategy of the company, based on the use of technology in customer management, the opening of multiple communication channels and the provision of a high level of Service Level Agreement (SLA), have delivered results as expected. This would have been impossible without the support of the integrated Dynamics CRM – Cisco Unified Communication solution and the business logic of the CRESCENDO project.

From the point of view of customer interaction, Aegon has managed to support a double volume of activity, with the increase in service quality indicators. Moreover, the internal audit showed a margin of error of only 0.37%, which means increasing the quality of services. As a matter of fact, Aegon has recorded Net PromoterScore values of about +40, which show a high level of customer loyalty.

“The most important achievement is that, after acquiring the Eureko portfolio, we have increased the quality indicators by managing a double number of clients with the same team. The Dynamics CRM solution made the difference and ensured the team’s added productivity,” said Nicoleta Dradiciu.

The solution delivered by CRESCENDO is focused on activities and not on functionalities, and offers Aegon the versatility required to place the customer in the spotlight. Processes are not rigid, and the addition of other interaction channels, online or offline, can be done quickly.

“The solution flexibility is also a real benefit because it allowed us to re-write the processes whenever the market changed. Insurance business is very dynamic because both customer requirements and legislation are changing frequently, and if the IT solution is rigid, adapting to change is difficult,” says Nicoleta Dradiciu.

Another benefit of the project is the extension of the customer communication channel by adding the integrated self-service portal to the xRM solution. Aegon wants to provide its customers with the newest and easiest means of interaction, and the digital environment is increasingly looking for customers. The portal takes data from Dynamics CRM and offers its customers in an easy-to-use way without ever interacting with a company employee. Each month, between eight and ten thousand customers access the portal for information verification and payments, which reduces pressure on the Customer Service Center and also the operational costs.


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