ERP from QAD Company at Tuborg - case study - CRESCENDO
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ERP from QAD Company at Tuborg

ERP from QAD Company at Tuborg

“MFG/PRO application was the best integration of business functions for us”,  said the IT Manager of  Tuborg Romania.

Initial situation

Tuborg Romania wanted to integrate all business functions into a single management application that best served this purpose. It also needed a better structure, so departments acknowledge that together they are more productive. Then the priority was that the balance sheet and financial reporting to the company were made by the company which provided financial audit, and not by the company itself.


Why did Tuborg Company choose MFG/PRO application from CRESCENDO

“We did not want to implement the best application for sales or marketing analysis or accounting, but the application to achieve a good integration of business functions. Another criterion was the ability of the system to work in real time and to include all requirements on Romanian legislation, and also to take into account the possibility of working with multiple currencies. And last but not least criterion was the support provided by a company located in Romania,” IT Manager  Tuborg Romania  justifies his decision.

Implementation has been gradual, from the company’s priorities. The top priority was that the balance and financial reporting to authorities should be done within the company. These operations were provided by the company to provide financial audit as well, at that time. The implementation started with chart of accounts. Because the forecast module included in MFG/PRO did not cover the Tuborg’s requirements, Badiu chose to develop separately this module.


One of the immediate benefits of MFG/PRO implementation was a better organization. People from different departments acknowledged that their work interacts. Some of them had prior experience in working with computers, others had not. The first ones were real discussion partners, bringing along various questions: “The previously used application allowed me to do that… or that…” Of those who had never used a computer before some discovered true inclinations toward computers. For some of the suppliers, facing a standard format of the supply forms meant a further awareness regarding the delivery deadlines.

Customers reacted a bit variously. Some of them said something like: “Leave us alone! Why do you need so many data?” The customer database is a very sensitive tool. It’s possible that client is introduced twice inadvertently, or some correlations between various points of delivery and address are not presented. When a salesman arrived at a client – be it a restaurant, a chain of stores or kiosks – and asked about the tax code, the trade register, the exact address, one of the typical answers was: “Why, are you from the Financial Control?”

On clients aspect also, one can say that the implementation at Tuborg Company was a peculiar one. Shortly, with CRESCENDO Company, a Windows based selling system was designed, which was installed on sale agents’ palmtop. The mobile sales system called TUBI PALM (TUBI is company’s mascot, also presented on TV at the Romanian Cup final transmission) was a very laborious project, however the results were as expected.

Thus, all information on palmtop come from MFG/PRO and at the same time, everything collected from customers during the day turns into invoices and delivery orders within the MFG/PRO.

Based on existing information, beer losses – which previously were 0.1 – 0.2% above what is considered to be the average – decreased by 2-3% below the level considered normal.

Another result was that each client received a quality certificate, which was a real MFG/PRO report. In fact, even receiving the ISO 9001 accreditation was easier by the implementation previously done. At the same time, any check by tax authorities was more easily carried out, because the company was not forced to pay any penalty tax for any deficits.


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